Nyx Matte Lip Cream - Antwerp | Favorite Pink Lippie

I heard a lot about the Nyx Matte lip creams but they were always sold out everywhere. Finally, got my hands on this one which was the last piece. I got it from Centerpoint.

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Nyx Matte Lip cream in Antwerp

This has been my favorite pink lipstick since I got it. I absolutely love the texture and the pigment of these. It applies smoothly and does not settle into fine lines. The color is really flattering on my skin. Even though Antwerp looks like it is very cool toned but it is not. It's like the perfect barbie pink. It looks different depending on the lighting in pictures. It's absolutely gorgeous. It is not a long lasting lipstick and will wear off after eating a meal. For 35 SR this is a banging product! I will definitely be getting more of these. Currently, I'm eyeing the shade Abu Dhabi. I might order online as these shades are always sold out in stores. 

Which is your favorite shade from the Nyx Matte lip creams?


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