My Teacher Essentials

Yes, I've joined a school again. So, I thought I would share some of my essentials.

1. Wireless Microphone!

The best thing that I've decided to do is buy a wireless microphone. My main problem with teaching is that I lose my voice. Because, I'm teaching grade 1 boys I've to exert my voice. When chaos happens I've to use my voice to get control of the situation. Hence, I end up with a tired and hoarse voice at the end of the day. Not only that, I've to repeat and repeat the same thing for all the students in the class to hear me. So, for me this is the best investment a teacher can make. Not only does use of voice amplifiers help you but it also enhances students learning experience. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. You can check out electronic stores to see if they carry such microphones. And, if you cannot find one in the city you can order online.

2. File Folder

This is also another essential for me. I keep all my important papers, worksheets, marksheets and everything in this file folder bag. It keeps everything organized and is also easy to carry.

3. Stationery

Of course along with pens, white boards markers, pencils my other essentials are, USB, sticky notes. I also have a teacher's diary in which I write my ideas and other plans.

4. Green Tea

A lot of teachers drink coffee or tea while in school. I like to drink green tea. I bought a packet of green tea bags to carry in my bag. I left a cup on my desk in school. So, everyday around 9-10 am I make myself some green tea and work. No sugar no nothing. Just some hot water and a green tea bag. I love the herbal taste of green tea.

5. Water!!!

Water is like my best friend in school. I make sure to keep myself hydrated. It really helps my throat.

6. Breakfast & Snacks

Breakfast is absolutely necessary if you want to be energetic. A dull teacher will not be a good teacher. So, I always make sure to have a quick but filling breakfast before I go. I like to carry some snacks with me. I don't have the time to make lunch. SO, I just take a small pack of chocolate milk and a croissant or something. Alternatively, you can also keep a box of your favorite dry fruits in your bag.

7. Makeup

 I like to apply a BB cream because it is lighter on the skin. I can't do foundation everyday. It's time consuming, heavy and not good for the skin. Apart from BB cream I also fill in my eyebrows. Some powder to not get oily, blush and lipstick. I also carry a perfume in my bag. I don't spray myself before going because obviously I have to go with a driver, who I don't want smelling me. So, I will use the perfume in the school.

8. A Big Bag

To carry all of these essentials :)

I'm still settling in but as of now I'm loving my new job as a teacher. My boys are really talkative and naughty but I'm already so proud of them. English is not their first language obviously but they learn so quickly. I'm a little stern with them because I have to enforce discipline from the beginning. If I let them loose now, I won't be able to control them later in the year. I hope to have a positive impact on their lives. More on why I chose teaching in my next blog post. Stay tuned!


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  2. I would love to read as to how and why you chose teaching as a career since I'm considering it . Can you make your next blog post abp and that?

  3. Which green tea do i drink?
    Becz, I find green tea quite bitter lol :P


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