Casual Everyday Makeup Routine

Hiii girls!! I know it's been long. But, I'm back with lots of new and informative posts. A lot of you girls have been asking my everyday makeup routine. I do not wear makeup everyday. I wear makeup maybe once or maximum twice a week. Unless I'm meeting someone or just feel like getting dressed up. This is my most casual day time appropriate look that I go for 80% of the time. 

I will take you through all the steps I do. Most of these products are my absolute favorite. Also, as you will see my makeup is very peach toned. I love orangish-peachish tones in my makeup.

Obviously before applying any makeup I moisturize my skin. And, then I do my base. 

First step - Foundation

I apply a very light coat of foundation all over my face. And, if I have any pimples or blemishes I will pat some foundation on those spots. Loving this foundation right now.

Second Step - Concealer

Depending on my mood I'll use one of these two concealers. This Garnier one is very old, all these products are old. none of these are new. I haven't bought from Mac or Garnier in the past few months. So, I will apply the concealer under my eyes and a little around my nose and chin.

Third Step - Powder

I love Rimmel. I love Rimmel. I love Rimmel. More than half of the products in my drawer are Rimmel. I've been using this powder for a long time now. Works perfectly to set everything in place. I use a brush to dust powder all over my face.

I use 001 Transparent

Fourth Step - Bronze, Glow and Blush

I really love bronzing my skin these days. I think bronzer makes you look so gorgeous and sun-kissed. My skin looks so pale, flat and dead without some bronzer. I apply it on my cheekbones and a little on the temples and side of the nose. And, then I will lightly apply some blush followed by some highlight on the top of my cheekbones. This step makes me look so flushed and healthy. And, honestly this might look like a lot of work but it just takes a minute to do all three steps. It's worth it, trust me.

H&M Blusher in 15 Bronze

H&M blusher in 15 Bronze

Milani Blush in 05 Luminoso

Swatch of Milani Blush

Mac Soft and Gentle

The face is complete. Now on to the eyes. I keep my eyes to a bare minimal.

Fifth Step- Eyes and Eyebrows

I absolutely must curl my eyelashes. No matter if I'm wearing mascara or not. 

Now, depending on my mood I will either apply black kohl to my waterline or the silver glitter pencil. If I want big doll-eyed eyes I'll probably use the silver pencil. If I want really sultry eyes I will use a black kohl pencil. I usually don't wear eyeliner, I just apply kohl pencils on my waterline

Rimmel Scandal Eyes in 010 Silver and 001 Black

Swatches of Rimmel Scandal Eyes Pencils

After that I will fill in my eyebrows with this eyebrow pencil.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 004 Black Brown

Swatch of Rimmel Brow Pencil

I don't wear any eyeshadow, I just use that Mac soft and gentle to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I forgot to take a picture of my mascaras. But, I just use any mascara I've on hand.

Here the eyes are done.

Sixth and last step - Lipliner/Lipstick

Depending on my mood, I will just wear a lipliner and be done. Or sometimes I will use a lipstick. This is my go to lipliner and lipstick. My hand automatically reaches for these whenever I do makeup.

Rimmel Kate Moss in 109 and Rimmel Lasting Finish lipliner in 014 Wild Clover

Swatches of lipliner and lipstick

Finishing of with a spritz of perfume. For a casual day I use this perfume called Feather Woman by Yardley. It's a jasmine scent and I literally spritz this on through out the day every single day. 

This is how I store my everyday makeup. My darling mother recently sent me this beyond gorgeous set of decoration pieces that I could use for my dresser. So, everything I use in a hurry is quickly available to me. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. And, I'll try to write atleast one post every day to make up for my disappearance.


  1. The fourth step works wonders no doubt! <3

    Very inspiring and motivating post, do keep writing! :)

    I love your dresser ;)

  2. when are u coming up with the next post ?

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  5. where did u get milani cosmetic in jeddah? thank ur posts are awesome loving it

  6. where did u get milani cosmetics from ? ur post are awesome loving it

  7. where did u get milani cosmetics from ? ur post are awesome loving it


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