How To Avoid Cakey Foundation & Get A Natural, Airbrushed Finish (My Tricks!)

My one problem with foundation is that it appears cakey and patchy. I absolutely hate when that happens. It looks horrendous. If you've dry skin you know what I'm talking about. Foundation just sticks to all the dry patches on your face.

My skin is not particularly dry, it's normal. But, when I apply foundation it just goes and sticks to the invisible patches. I love matte foundations so that also may be causing dryness.

So, I changed up how I apply my foundation and it worked wonders. My skin looks amazingly natural even though I have a full layer of foundation on. Follow these techniques if you know you'll be applying a full layer of foundation on. These tricks will help you make it look as natural and airbrushed as possible.

First step - Exfoliate

If you have dead skin and clogged pores, your foundation is going to enhance them even more. So, start with a clean exfoliated skin. Use any scrub you have on hand or try a homemade scrub (<= Click here).

Second (& Most Important) Step - Moisturize

If you have dry to normal skin, you have to moisturize the hell out of it. Especially if you're using a matte foundation. Most heavy coverage foundations are actually drying for your skin. So, moisturizing is the most important step to getting a natural finish. Otherwise the foundation is just going to stick to all the dry patches on your face.

If you read my skincare posts you know that I don't use a moisturizer, I use sunflower oil to moisturize me skin. So, before applying any makeup, I take few drops of oil and apply it all over my face.

You can use any oil that suits your skin. For me right now, my skin is loving sunflower oil. If you don't like oils on your skin then just use a very greasy moisturizer before applying foundation. But, the best results I got are from using an oil instead of a cream.

And, then after a few minutes apply your foundation.

Third Step- Foundation

To get the most natural finish apply your foundation with fingers. Yes, fingers! You'll get the most blended and natural finish. Start by applying very little and spread it all over the face. If you slob on a huge glob of foundation you'll end up with cake-face. A little goes a long way. If you need extra coverage, pat on the foundation on those problem areas and not the whole face.

Now, if you need concealer under the eyes or other areas apply it. But, again remember to work in light layers. After that make sure you blend your foundation well into your hairline and neck to avoid any visible lines.

After that use a powder brush and set your foundation lightly. Using a powder brush is important because it picks up little product compared to powder sponge or puff. Lightly dust the powder all over your face to set it.

These technique have changed my life!!! My skin looks so natural with foundation on. There are no huge pores peeking through or ugly dry patches that make it obvious you're wearing foundation. Just beautiful airbrushed skin! I always used to blame the cake-face on my foundation. Now, I won't be jumping from foundation to foundation anymore! :D

Try this out and see if it works for you. Please, always remember that I share tips and tricks that work for me, they might work for you or not work for you because everyone has different skin types and reactions.

These techniques will work for dry to normal skin types. For oily skin, skip step 2 and try out all the other tips.


  1. I just know this we'll work for me, my skin is so dry especially now in the winter cold and cakiness is usually my problem

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