5 Things Your Muslim Wife Isn't Telling You (Or Maybe She Is)

So, I thought enough talk about wives and what they should be doing. Let's talk about men and what they aren't doing enough. Here's 5 things your Muslim wife expects from you even if she doesn't say it out loud.

1. Be more affectionate

Women love affection especially coming from the most important man in their lives. Men often become cold and distant after a certain period of marriage. Make sure you've a healthy and happy relationship by giving love and affection freely and more often. Never take out your frustrations on her. She has left her entire life, her family, her friends to come and be part of your life. Men think it's easy for women to just leave everything behind and start a new different life. Women make innumerous sacrifices just for the man.

So, there's no use of love that you keep locked up and hidden in your heart. You don't have to say I love you, you just have to show it. Hold her hand while your outside it will instantly make you feel closer. When she is working give her fond kisses and hugs. When you get back home kiss her on the forehead, give her a warm hug, genuinely ask her if everything is fine with her, ask her how her day was and actually listen to her answer please? If you really love her, you would find ways to make sure she feels loved everyday.

It's Sunnah brothers! Affection towards your wife is Sunnah.

2. Take care of yourself

You know she might not want to embarrass you by telling you that you smell. Don't be careless about your hygiene. Would you like it if she smelled or looked like that? No? I thought so. Don't you want to appear attractive to her? She is the only woman that matters in the end. So, if she is disgusted you're the one at loss. Be her hero, not a skunk. Wear clean clothes and perfume at home. She would really appreciate it.

3. Spend more time with her

Here's a picture of a typical man. He's either on the phone or on the laptop, on the tablet or watching the news or playing games or with his friends. Even when he is talking to you, his face would be buried in the gadget with vague, uninterested replies like 'hmm' 'umm' or something like that.

Here's the thing. You married a person. And, to maintain that relationship you need to interact with her. Spend some time with her. Watch something together or have a cup of tea together. Some kind of normal human interaction without the interference of any electronic gadget. Women actually do want to have intelligent conversations, you know. Discuss work stories or other happenings with her. Make her your best friend and enjoy life WITH her. Make it a point every single day even if it's for a limited time to just have fun with her. I promise you your relationship will flourish in'sha'Allah.

Give her your undivided attention. Or she will stop sharing anything with you. Because, she knows you aren't listening. You should be her best friend sharing the good and bad of life with her. So, be there for her, like really there, present with your brain.

4. Appreciate her

If she handles your entire home, cleans, cooks, washes and bears the pains of childbirth for you, you've a lot to thank her for. Men act like it's the wives job to do everything when in fact the wife *NEWSFLASH* she is not obligated to do any of it. So, don't go around screaming at her for small mistakes. She is trying her best to do everything. She probably didn't even know how to cook before she got married. So, cut her some slack. Be gentle with her.

If not. over time she will start developing feelings of resentment and hate doing anything for you. Don't let her love turn sour. And, then wonder whatever happened to your relationship. Assist her in household work, especially if you've children, she will respect and love you more for it.

5. Surprise her

Women do love surprises. Buy her something she wanted for a while. Or just flowers or chocolates or anything you know she'll love. Now, don't think this is materialism. It's really not about what you give her but the gesture that matters. It doesn't have to be something extravagant, whatever you're capable of. Just do something, anything for her.

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