Get Naturally Thicker Hair In A Day!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts these days. I'm in Riyadh with my family, so I've kind off been busy with them. I know a lot of girls suffer from thin, fine and limp hair (myself included). So, I decided to write a post sharing a natural remedy.

A few posts back I wrote about coloring your hair with henna. Click here to read it. After the henna treatment my hair was noticeably thicker. Everyone kept saying how thick my hair looked. So, I researched a bit and found out that henna conditions your hair and coats it which makes it look thicker.

You can also mix a lot of other beneficial things with your henna. You can add some protein to the henna mix by adding an egg.

Here are a few variations:

For dry hair: Mix henna powder with an egg, two tablespoons of olive oil and milk to make a paste of henna.

For normal hair you can do what I did: Brew some black tea or coffee and mix it with the henna powder. I left this mixture on for 4-5 hours. I wrapped my head with cling plastic wrap. You can use a shower cap or plastic bag.

After that I washed my hair without shampoo and BAAM volume! If you want beautiful thick hair try applying henna. I was about to cut my long hair because of how thin the ends looked. Henna saved my hair!

Henna has a lot of benefits. It made my hair thicker, shinier, softer and over all healthier. Highly recommend!!! Must must try if you have thin hair.


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  2. Saadia, thank you for all of your natural beauty treatments. I would like to know about enhancing the color of my natural medium brown hair. I have heard that some people use coffee. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

  3. Hi, I would like to know which type of henna you use. I'm not that familiar with this types of henna, I know henna gives color to the hair or is that other type? I would like to use your method but i didn't wanted to color my hair, at least not yet.

  4. I just found out about your blog. It is really beautiful. Does Henna colour your hair? I have natural very blond hair and I dont want this to change, because I and my husband like the colour, but I want to give em some volume, is there any colorless henna?


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