Favorite Perfumes For Men

Perfumes are not just for women. People don't understand how much perfume can add to your personality. 

These are some perfumes I'm loving for my man right now...

L'HOMME IDEAL by Guerlain is what I want my man to smell like! This perfume is designed around the idea of  'The Ideal Man' and oh boy let me tell you it does smell like the ideal man, smart, handsome and strong! 

This perfume reminds me of a man in a business suit. Although it is made for men of all ages. It just smells so masculine and luxurious. Anyone wearing this perfume would draw people closer. lol Test it out and you'll know what I mean.

It is also quite long-lasting. What makes this perfume stand out for me is the distinct notes of almond, citrus, rosemary and cedarwood. 

I love this perfume and I will be buying one as a gift for my brother. He will love it, he is a perfume junkie. 

Allure Homme Sport is also an old favorite of mine. Why do these perfumes smell so darn good? I can't even take it. Seriously.. anyone wearing these would make heads turn! 

 Love these two perfumes, highly recommend for men! 

If you're out in the market for a new men's perfume, don't forget to check these out.

What is your favorite men's perfume? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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