Download My First Free E-book 'Makeover for the Muslimah'

Surprise! I know I didn't mention this book anywhere but that's because I actually wanted to finish it before revealing anything. Whenever I announce a project, I end-up not completing it. So, this time I decided to keep shush! 

So, Alhamdulliah my very first e-book is about a makeover, a makeover of the heart. I will not say much about it because it's only a 15 page book. The best part is you will need about 20 minutes or less to finish it. So, there's no excuse not to read it!
At the end of the book you'll find some special letters that I wrote for my married and single sisters out there.

The book is obviously free and you just have to click the link below to download it. I also wanted to mention that I'm not trying to earn any monetary profit by giving away this book. The only reason I choose is because it shows you how many people actually downloaded your file. So, I haven't chosen any payment program (for people wondering).

I do not claim to be perfect. I'm far-far away from being perfect and with this book I just wanted to share some things that help me keep my heart clean. And, hopefully this little book inspires a positive change in whoever reads it. In'sha'Allah.

You can read this book on your phones, Ipads, tablets and laptops. The file is in a PDF form.

Click here to -->Download

Please, don't forget to share it with your friends and family. It takes an incredible amount of work to run a blog and write, but it pays off when you know people are reading and benefiting from it. So, please share this book with anyone and everyone you think will benefit from reading it.

 And, do leave me your precious reviews down below or on Girl from Arabia's Facebook page. Happy reading loves!


  1. I have downloaded the e-book. Mashaallah, the book is so inspiring.
    I wish I can read more, can't believe that I've finished the book.
    Please, make more e-book for muslimah, you're such a good writers.

  2. Saadia thank you so much you're doing an amazing job. Greatings from Morocco!

  3. It's really wonderfl writing and it ll help Insallah many Girls :) ♥

  4. Amazing short book Mashallah

  5. Salam honey : ) unfortunately it keeps saying "download unsuccessful" every time I try to download it :( why is that?

    1. Walaikum As Salam. I checked the link it's working just fine. If you still can't download it please send me an email or a message on Facebook and I will send you the book. :)

  6. Aslaam alaykum
    I would love to read your book but unfortunately mentioned download link is not working :-(


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