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I know its been awhile since I posted so I apologize for that. But, I promise to make it up, I've quite a few posts lined up for you girls.

So, I've always had clogged pores. I tried everything out there. Nothing worked! Until I tried the Oil Cleansing Method which I wrote about a while ago. This method changed my skin. I no longer have any clogged pores.  My pores have shrinked drastically. So, if you're suffering from clogged pores then you should first try this oil cleansing method to deep clean your pores. I've been oil cleansing for about 2 months now and I love it. I'm never ever going back to commercial face products again. Ever!

Moroccan Rhassoul/Ghassoul clay

Along with this oil cleansing method I've included two more all natural skin treatments that have really helped my skin. 

Apple cider vinegar and moroccon rhassoul/ghassoul clay.

Homemade Toner

This is the Apple Cider Vinger I use.

Apple cider vinegar is amazing for your skin. If you suffer from acne or blackheads and whiteheads, this might actually be an answer for ALL your skin problems.  

The acidity in the vinegar will dry out the blemish allowing new, healthy skin to take its place. Apple cider vinegar regulates the pH of your face. 

You've to try it a lot of people have experienced great results.

You can use ACV as a toner. Just mix 1 part ACV with 2 parts water and using a cotton pad apply all over  the face. Don't wash it off. It is natural and won't harm your skin in any way. Use this once at night. After a few days you'll start noticing a difference.

Moroccan Masks

Another favorite of mine is rhassoul/ghassoul clay. It is called with different names in different places. But, basically it is a Moroccan clay. It is really popular. I love love love this clay. This mask instantly brightens my face and  makes my pores invisible! Since, I'm not using any commercial skincare products this clay has been my go to face mask. I use it two times a week. It doesn't dry out my skin or anything. 

Clays are amazing for your skin because they deep clean your pores. 

I don't use water to make my clay mask. I use apple cider vinegar. Don't freak out! This is like a double therapy. Just make a thick paste using rhassoul clay and apple cider vinegar. If you're afraid to try on your face, just do a little patch test on a small area. 

You can find rhassoul clay in the attar shops or local herbal shops. 

This comprises my skincare. 
Oil cleansing method (every night)
Apple cider vinegar toner (sometimes when I need it not every day) 
Moroccan mask (two times a week)

This is all I do and apart from the occasional hormonal breakouts, my skin is clear and pore-free. I cannot tell you how satisfied I'm with my skincare right now. We don't need a hundred products to care for our skin. It is all bullshit. We only need few natural products to replenish our skin. I suggest you to try these natural remedies. Get out of your comfort zone. I'm sure your skin will love it.

I never share anything with you all without testing it on myself for a while and being a 100% sure about it. So try it and let me know how you like it.


  1. Have you tried Witch Hazel to minimise your pores?

    1. No, I haven't because I couldn't find natural witch hazel here in Saudi Arabia. I want to try it though.

  2. Hi ... was happy that I found your blog (I'll be here more often peering) because I was looking for natural methods of hair care and skin that is currently live with my husband and son in the Emirates, wished to natural solutions that offer such beautiful women are living in in the Arabian Peninsula. Please tell me if you've heard anything about Aleppo soap? Maybe you wear it? I'd love to know your opinions;) Yours sincerely

    1. Hello dear,
      I have never heard of Aleppo soap. Sounds interesting though! Have you tried it?

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  4. Assalamualaikum Saadia ,

    From where can i get rhassoul/ghassoul clay. I live in saudi(dmm) donno from which kind of shops i would get them . :)


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