Is A Pretty Wife All He Needs?

Imagine a woman who is drop dead gorgeous. She is very cruel to animals, elderly and children. She's always unhappy and nothing her man does is ever enough. She is ungrateful and rude to him and puts him down all the time. Always complaining, always nagging. 

Now, imagine a woman, a very average looking woman. She is a warm and compassionate person. She will always greet him with a smile when he enters the house. Every word she speaks is gentle and sweet. Her hair smells like fruit and her body is soft. She is wise and knows how to comfort and provide solace to her man. She knows how to make him laugh and forget all his worries. She is just like the cool shade of a tree on a hot day. 

Who do you think a man would choose? The first woman may look like a movie star but she is hollow and negative, she is replaceable. However, the second woman is precious. She will always have his heart and so she is irreplaceable.

To be a good wife, a pretty face is not enough. A gorgeous woman will have a man's heart for a few weeks or months. But, it doesn't last. External beauty is temporary while other qualities such as intelligence, humor, loyalty, compassion and charm are ever-lasting. We often focus so much on our physical beauty we forget to make our insides good too.

Physical beauty is not everything. Ask a man and he will tell you. 

Men want women who are smart,  who are able to carry out intelligent conversations and not just be stuck being a homely wife knowing nothing beyond the kitchen. 

We can only become beautiful on the inside by removing any ill feelings, jealousy, hatred, gossiping about other people, putting others down.

Let's try to be better women, lifting up everyone around us. Being a person of optimism and hope. Caring for people, animals and trees. We can be beautiful by following our passions and dreams. Being actively involved in social causes and working towards doing something good for the society. 

So, smile when you see your man! Apply kohl and perfume yourself. Pick him up if he is feeling down. Make him laugh! Cook something he loves. Be thankful if he does something sweet for you. And, stop nagging him about his mother. Learn to ignore things you can't change.

Be something more than just a pretty wife, become irreplaceable.


  1. Love this article. I have recently found this blog and have been trying so many of tips that you have posted. This article interest me because I feel I do everything that you mention except for one. I have always been a good listener but as far as having intelligent conversations I can not. I would not consider myself dumb but I am a very quiet person. I really think that this is holding me back from having everything I would love to have. I don't watch the news as I feel it is to depressing. I work in a clothing store which is not very exciting so my question is what do people talk about? I have asked one of my married friends what do people talk about when I started seeing a man that she introduced me to. She laughed and said to just be myself. He thought I was very sweet but something was missing. We dated briefly. I always use to think it was because I wasn't pretty enough or thin enough but after reading this article and looking back on things I believe it was due to the lack of conversation. Any tips you can give me on this would be much appreciated. ~Sandi

    1. You can talk about your hobbies or other common interests you both might share. Or do something fun together to break the ice first. Once the ice is broken you will get to know each other better which naturally will bring more conversation. Most importantly just be yourself, if he really likes you then he will like all of you, including your quiet nature. Hope this helps. Thanks you for reading! <3

  2. Hi there, I love this article too. Thanks for sharing. I chanced upon your blog when I was researching for pressed powder review. I am not a reading person, super dislike to read. BUT I find it your blog very interesting to read on. I will try and learn to find time and read your blog. Its nice to know someone that is compassionate esp towards furkids. :-)

  3. hello, saadia,
    I stumbled across your blog when i researching on arab hair care and i just love your blog. I read a lot of your posts and i particularly love it when you talk about marriage, husband- wife relationship.

    Can you talk more about marriage in Orienal/muslim culture? Pardon my ignorance, i 'm a christian from West Africa, so terms like Oriental, Arabian are just the same to me. But i love your culture, your women, your lifestyle your beauty and how you carry yourselves. Keep up with the good work. Big Love.

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you so much for your sweet words. And, thank you for not stereotyping us. I will surely write more about marriage.

      Love and hugs. <3

  4. Yes mrs saadia,
    Write more posts on marriage. May i suggest a title?
    How to intoxicate your husband with your love
    Mind you, the term "intoxicate" is not by any means negative.
    It's more like how to show so love to your husband that he begins to shout; "HELP HELP, MERCY, the love is too much. I am dying of love here. This kind of blessing is too much!!!! God, are you sure all this is for me? Please let it never stop!" lol.
    The Lord is your strength. All the best, madam.


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