I Have A Dream...

Everyone has dreams. A big house or a fancy car. Or fame, or money. 
My dream?
 My dream is very simple yet unattainable (hence I call it a dream). 

My dream is a little self-sustained house, hidden far away between mountains.
Away from the rustle of cities...

I would pray under the blanket of the sky and stars..
I would run free under the sun.

A simple self-sufficient life where we would only gather, hunt, cook and eat what we would need. Sew our own clothes and draw our own water. Live amongst nature. No internet or technology. 

I dream of a simpler life in which we could be more spiritual. We are so engrossed and distracted in life that we hardly have time to reflect on what's real and important. 

There are times I feel so trapped by the buildings, cars, roads and malls. I need greenery, rain, fresh breeze, mountains, lakes and bright blue seas. These things soothe your eyes and your soul. 

I love Saudi Arabia, but to be honest there are times when I just want to escape to a place of beautiful nature. The ever expanding roads and building constructions here are making me feel nauseated. I need some country life!

Cheer me up, share with me some of your secret dreams in the comments below. I'd love to hear!


Please, be nice. ♥

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