Don't Want To Cut Your Hair Ends? Here's How To Repair Your Hair Without Trimming Off Inches

Tired of cutting off dead inches from your hair length? Here are a few tips that will help you repair dry and damaged hair without cutting them off.

To repair the hair we need to provide it with two things, protein and moisture.

Hair is basically made of protein. So, to repair the hair we need to restore as much protein back in the hair as possible. Damaged hair is most likely also thirsty. Along with protein we need to restore moisture back into the hair. Lack of moisture is what makes hair look like grass or straw.

So, to make your own homemade masks you can use foods that are rich in protein.

I love using eggs, yogurt, mayonnaise and olive oil. These rich foods are amazing and you'll see how healthy & hydrated your hair looks after a few masks.

Really it's very simple. You can just whisk any of these ingredients and apply on your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes and you're done.

This is what I do for my long hair, I whisk up two eggs, 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of olive oil and yogurt. Mix it all up and apply it all over from roots to tips. Concentrating more on the hair-ends as they are the most dry and damaged.

 If you really want to see a difference then I recommend doing this at least 2-3 times a week. Go easy on the shampoo as shampoo strips all moisture from your hair. And, use a good hot oil treatment or conditioner.

Note: If you've split ends then you have to trim them off. There is no remedy for split ends. You can prevent new split ends from forming but you cannot repair hair ends that have already split. 

There is nothing I hate more than cutting my hair. It took an year to grow out my hair and cutting off inches is not an option for me. So, I did some research and found out that you can actually repair dead hair by providing it with nutrients. I encourage you to throw away the scissors and try this method to repair dead hair-ends.

Remember with any kind of treatments you will have to be consistent to see any results. Personally, I noticed a difference immediately after the first time I did this mask. It's amazing!

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