Makeup 101: Why You Should Highlight & Contour

If you already know the basics of makeup, then its time to move and learn some new tricks. Although, these tricks aren't new, it were for me and maybe for some of you. 

She is so gorgeous!

So, what is contouring and highlighting?

Contouring is using a matte bronzer or shadow color underneath your cheekbone to make it look higher and more defined. Highlighting brings a glow to your face and also makes your cheekbones stand out. Not everyone has a beautifully defined cheekbones and face structure. Some of us need a little help. 

Overall, contouring and highlighting are just ways to make your face look thinner. They give your face dimension so that your face is not so flat. There are many tutorials on Youtube on how to highlight and contour. It's pretty easy all you need is a little practice. At the moment, I'm obsessed with contouring and cannot do my makeup without it. 

Believe me, when you do it properly your face will look so eye-catching, glamorous and complete. You will lose tons of weight from your face. 

I'm sharing some beautiful photos here. You can see the effect of contouring and highlighting. By applying a dark shadow the cheeks look more sucked in and defined. And, by applying a light concealer under the eyes and center parts of the face, the face looks illuminated.

So, how do you contour and highlight?

Its very simple. Suck in your cheeks, and apply a dark brown shade exactly under your cheekbone. To highlight, use a concealer that is two or three shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it to the areas you see in the photos below. Remember the key to this is blending. And, practice practice practice! Don't expect to get it right the first time. 

Currently, I'm using Rimmel 2 in 1 Concealer & Highlighter in the shade 030 Classic Beige. This is a beautiful concealer, it does highlight. I love it, I'm on my second tube already. To set this I use Ben Nye Banana Powder or the white shade from the contour palette in the picture below.

For contouring I use Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the shade 30. Its a really dark shade. And, then to set it I use the Coastal Scents 6 Contour Blush Palette. The dark brown color is perfect for creating a shadow on your face. 

If you still need more help to understand, you can always head over to Youtube and watch a tutorial. Play around and you'll find out what suits your face best. 

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