I'm Doing It!! I'm Quitting SHAMPOO!!!

Yes, I'm quitting shampoo. I don't know how but I'm. 

My scalp is an oil refinery. It's so messed up!!!! 

Shampoo is not my friend right now. I'm breaking up with shampoo...most probably forever.

Should I even begin to tell you my hair problems? Itchy, flaky, flat, tender, oily!!! My hair like gets oily on the second day. How frustrating is that!?!

And, its all because of SHAMPOO!

And, not just because of shampoo but because of Sodium lauryl sulfate and the 100 other chemicals present in them. SLS is basically detergent. Girls can you believe your washing your head, face and body with detergent??! 

90% of our hair problems are exaggerated because of SLS.

I've tried every shampoo, cheap shampoo, expensive shampoo. They all do the same thing i.e, NOTHING.

If you've read my last post then you know that I've quit using face washes and resorted to a natural method. Well, it looks like I'm going down the same route with my hair.

I've had such a good experience with my 'Oil Cleansing Method' and so I decided to get rid of chemicals from my hair too.

But, there's an entire different method of going off shampoo. Instead of shampoo you'll have to use 'baking soda' and 'apple cider vinegar'. I know it looks weird to be using these products in your hair but they actually work.

You can Google 'NO POO METHOD' which basically means you train your hair to go without shampoo and after awhile your hair gets used to it and stops producing as much oil. Instead of shampoo we use safer, natural alternatives.

It's a vicious cycle. The shampoo strips our hair of all natural oils, our scalp produces more to compensate for the loss, and we wash it off again. The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry is a trillion dollar industry. All they care about is making more money. 

If you think about it how did people in the old ages wash their hair? They didn't have shampoo. IF they survived without it, I'm sure we can too. Our body can take care of itself.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know how much I love long hair. And, now that my hair finally reaches my hips, I've realized that my scalp is so unhealthy. I take care of my hair really well. I oil it, deep condition it. I basically do everything but the problem lies with the shampoo.

And, so to prevent further damage to my hair, I've decided to stop shampoo and go natural.

When you stop shampoo, your hair goes through this transition phase and your scalp goes crazy. But, once it gets rid of all the chemicals you'll hardly need to wash your hair. Maybe just once a week. You can just rinse with water and be good to go.

How amazing does that sound? 

This is incredibly hard for me to do because hello, I've a husband. I can't look like shit for a month or till however long it takes for my hair to adjust. 

If you're a single girl, do it! Go and research 'NO POO Method' and quit shampoo. This is the perfect time for you. 

There are hundreds of reasons to quit shampoo.
-Healthy scalp means increase in hair growth
-Softer beautiful hair
-Your hair will not produce as much oil 
and many more such benefits.

I've to plan all of this. Do my research and set a goal. 

Like this post if you would like an update on how everything goes and what I'm doing. :) 

P.S Sorry for the little rant.


  1. id like to try it too but as u said im married and i dont want look oily for month front of my husband :( please keep us posted

  2. Instead of using baking soda and vinegar you can go for all organic shampoo bars like J. R Vigget and many moreI don't know if you get it in Saudi Arabia
    Since you're from India you can even get these bars from Soul flower or Gulnar. Easily available and they contain all organic ingredients which are mild.
    But the transition period sucks and you will require an acid wash then
    Do lemme know please if such bars are available in Riyadh and where my friend stays there and she wants to know.
    Thank you

  3. Asalamu alaikum,

    Have a happy Eid ul Fitr: Eid Mubarak! Come and read my message and leave some words jazakAllah khair.

    Take Care
    p.s nice blog and good personality.

  4. Don't use baking soda on your hair!! Scientists have proven that the baking soda messes up the ph balances in your hair; u have to dillute it with 20 cups of water in order to get the benefits without damaging your hair on a long term base! See this links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo5bG2sVEv4 and http://blog.kanelstrand.com/2014/01/baking-soda-destroyed-my-hair.html. Opt for sulfate free shampoo instead and combine with silicone free hair care products.

  5. My Aunt was here on umrah and she told me this whole shampoo quitting thing,
    She asked me to shift to an organic shikakai soap and guess what,
    Aziziyah store do have these bars,
    So do tryy

    1. Where's Aziziyah store in Riyadh?

  6. The no poo method helped my hair. :) But there are some good sulphate free shampoos without a lot of bad chemicals, one i use every four weeks or so is Kinky-Curly Come Clean, it is very gentle and does the job.


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