Sneak Peek Into My Dresser

Hello! That's me in white! I look like a ghost haha. So, this is where I put all my stuff. This is the girl zone lol. 

I keep my everyday perfumes on a little tray. I'm loving this Burberry Weekend for women right now. It smells gooood.

So, I've my makeup brushes and lipsticks and some everyday hair brushes...

Some bags with new makeup still in them (I've been lazy). And, then my mirror and a little ship like something. I keep my deo, multivitamins, vaseline, hand cream and cleansing milk. On my mirror there I've some chewing gum, my contacts and some ring.

I've three drawers in the middle. In the first one I store all my most used makeup and skincare products. Everything that I don't use very often are thrown in another drawer or at the back in this drawer itself. I just stacked some boxes to organize a little. Nothing fancy but it works for me...

In the 2nd drawer I keep all my jewelry. In the last drawer (not pictured) I keep all the junk, new products I'm trying or hair stuff.

On the right and left, there are two more drawers. I keep my shoes and heels in them.

I took these pictures with my camera phone. The quality sucks, I know! Anyways, I hope you liked this sneak peek into my life. Do let me know if you would like to read more such posts.

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  1. Can you please put a post like what i keep in my puse and stuff like that .. love this post!!!!!!!! <3


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