Olive Oil As A Body Moisturizer For Naturally Glowing Soft Healthy Skin

So, I've decided to make the switch from my store bought moisturizers to olive oil. Now, I'll share with you why I made this switch. Every moisturizer I ever tried from high end to cheaper ones, none of them really gave my dry skin relief. The moisturizer did work but temporarily, they were not improving my skin in any way.

All they did was give me fake temporary good skin. I had enough of it. Bucket load of chemicals that are seeping through my skin into my body and are giving me zero benefit. So, I decided to toss them and try olive oil as a full body natural moisturizer. And, I'm happy to say olive oil is amazing, and my skin loves it.

Olive oil has many benefits from anti-ageing to anti-inflammatory and much much more. I wanted something that will actually improve my skin by reducing dryness and the appearance of stretch marks and other scars.

Using olive oil regularly will delay the aging of my skin which none of the other moisturizers can do. So with olive oil it's a win-win situation. I don't think I'll be using any store bought moisturizers again.

Also, make sure to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil only because it is in the most purest and unrefined form.

The best way to store olive oil is in a ketchup bottle. I store mine in this bottle and its the most easiest and mess-free way to use. You can find this bottle in any local stores or supermarkets for 2-5 riyals.

How many times to apply?
You can choose how many times you want to apply olive oil, it can be twice a week or even everyday. Depends entirely on your skin and preference.

The fastest and best way to apply olive oil to your body?
I've found the fastest way to apply olive oil to your entire body is right when you get out of bath. Olive oil is best applied when your whole body is still wet. Get out of your shower, take the olive oil and apply all over your body, massage it on everywhere. Within 2 mins the olive oil will be soaked and you can dress. You can apply when your body is dry but I find it takes longer to apply when the skin is entirely dry.

Even on days when you are not taking a full shower, you can just tie your hair up and rinse your body from shoulder down. Get out, apply the oil and your done.

Olive oil gets soaked into your skin really quickly, and you'll not be an oily mess. Try it out!


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    1. Aww that's so sweet! Thank you for reading. <3

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