I'm Still Dating Someone Even Though I'm Married

I know, I sound disgusting but hear me out?

He is an amazing man. He's smart, intelligent and handsome. He has a strong faith and a deep connection with God (which makes him even more attractive). I love to go out for dinners with him, or even just lie in bed watching a thriller or a Disney movie. We have our own secret language that nobody else can understand. And, if people heard us talking they would probably think we were mental. We are absolutely ridiculous together. At times he makes me laugh so hard I can't even breathe!  This guy is my best friend and I wouldn't know how I would spend even a day without him.

I will tell you what love is for me. Love is that smile that lights up his face every time he sees me. That genuine smile, that genuine warmth in his touch. I love him so much and I'm incredibly lucky to be dating someone so amazing even though I'm married. 

I would encourage everyone to try this.  

Oh! Did I mention the man I'm dating is my husband?

Just because you're married doesn't mean you should stop dating.

So many relationships fail just because the husband and wife forget what it was like. They let the spark disappear. 

When we are first engaged we pursue and try to impress each other but as soon as we get married, all the weird shit slowly comes out. The worst thing that can happen to a relationship is lack of communication and special bonding time. There might be thousand things going on but keep your relationship a priority. 

Making time for each other is extremely important. Dress up and go out for dinner nights or cook dinner for him or bake him a cake. Greet him with a smile when he comes home. Don't look like shit, smell good & be well-dressed (at-the-least).

Just because you're married doesn't mean 'it's okay' to let go. Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to stop 'dating'.

(Disclaimer: The original article is here, I really loved the message so decided to write my own version of it.)


  1. I really love your blog :) , I just discovered it. Keep going , when I began to read this post I was sure you was speaking of your husband ^^. May Allah bless you . You have a contagious joie de vivre

  2. Plzz wirte a article on secrets on succesful relationship with our husband how we keep this love bond forever plzzz replyy


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