Essence Makeup: Super Cheap & Amazing Products For Beginners

Hi girls! Today, I bring to you one my favorite super duper affordable brands, Essence. It has a wide range of products ranging from makeup bases, foundations to blushes, eye shadow palettes and much much more. Whenever I go to the mall I've to check out the store to browse through Essence products. If you're someone with a budget, definitely check out Essence for some gooood makeup buys.

Like any other cosmetic brand, Essence too has some not so good products. So, do remember to test out before you buy. And, if you buy something and end up not liking it, atleast it didn't cost that much. 

So, I picked out some eyeshadows, a highlighter powder and a gel liner brush. I got the gel liner brush for the second time because my old one got too old and disgusting.

08 Irrestible Vanilla Latte

This is a beautiful champagne-vanilla color. It's absolutely gorgeous and applies smoothly. I also sometimes use it as a highlight under my brow bone. Beautiful beautiful color.

03 Frosted Apple

When I saw this, I had to get it. It's a nice subtle pink. The glitter looks overwhelming but once applied it is not so dramatic. This eyeshadow sticks better if you apply it with the finger, applied with a brush the glitter will fly everywhere.

02 Irresistible Purple

This color is WOW. Its really pigmented, infact all the eyeshadows are. I love it, nothing much to say.

01 The Great And Powerful

This product looked interesting to me. And I love highlighters. I love glowy skin. I apply this under my eyes to brighten the area. This powder has tiny specks of shimmer, nothing too glittery. It gives that illuminated glow to the skin.

This is my second gel liner brush. As you can see I already started using it. I tried to use it on my brows and that is why you can the brush has kind of separated. You can only use this brush for applying gel eyeliner, it doesn't work for anything else. But, it's perfect for applying eyeliner, I didn't have any problems with it.

Some other products I would recommend:

  • Sun Club Bronzer
  • Essence Eyeliner & Lipliner Pencils
  • Essence brushes
  • Stay All Day eyeshadows
  • Essence Blushes
Okay, basically all of their collection. hahaha Just check their stuff out. You can find Essence makeup in Boots Pharmacies and other random makeup shops in Malls. I've been seeing Essence Makeup everywhere in Riyadh and Jeddah. 

Each of these products is in the range of 10-20 SR. That is the cheapest it can get. 


  1. I truly agree- as of recent, I got their liners, blushers and eye-shadows- awesome for super-awesome price!

  2. Hey where can I find essence products in Riyadh?

  3. Where are their stores in riyadh?


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