How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Beautiful & Peaceful Haven ♥

I thought I'd share some tips on how to decorate a bedroom for couples. I believe we all need a little safe haven to relax and sleep. And, if you're responsible for decorating your bedroom, you damn well should make sure it is the absolute best room ever. There is nothing more annoying than coming home to a dirty and cluttered house. So, make sure before your husband comes in, to clean everything so that everything is pretty and perfect. Click here for some Room Re-Decorating Ideas! (On a Budget)

If you're looking for simplistic designs, this post is not for you (sorry, lol). I'm really into Victorian style bedrooms. I really adore the antique style of those master bedrooms. I don't really like modern or classic furniture style.

Lights, lights & lights!

Trust me, lights in a room really make a huge difference. They really affect your mood. And, they also affect how you look. So, this is important for ladies out there. In the morning and afternoon make sure your room gets alot of natural light. Withdraw the curtains and let the sunlight in.
The sunlight will make you feel more awake and fresh. Install yellow/warm lights in the bedroom and avoid fluorescent white lights. This is extremely important. I've lived in both white and warm lights, So I know it really does make a difference. Warm/yellow lights really make you look good and hide all your flaws. Whereas white lights are very harsh and highlight all your stretch marks and other things we don't want seen. So, dim lamp lights in the evenings create a very soothing and relaxing environment.

No clutter.

Yes, absolutely no clutter. This is really difficult for girls, I know. But, try as much as possible to make sure all things are kept in their respective places. Try to put everything inside desks and cabinets or even under the bed. If there are things every where you see, it won't really be soothing to the eyes. So, put things where you can't really see them all the time. Everything should be stored away and hidden from sight. Organize everything from your clothes, shoes to makeup. Also, make sure his things are organized.

Don't over-furnish

Over-furnish? Is that even a thing? Yes, it is. Make sure your room is as spacious as possible. Don't try to stock up unnecessary furniture. It is highly annoying when there are a million chairs and sofas and drawers and cabinets in one single room. It feels like you can't breathe.

Lots of fresh air

Make sure your room gets alot of ventilation. There is nothing better than fresh breezy air in the evenings/nights. So make sure your windows are not blocked by any furniture. As, this will definitely make the room feel stuffy.

Bed Canopies

Get bed canopies installed in your bedroom! They look se exotic. I love love love bed canopies. I even got one made for my bedroom but I couldn't install it because of my ceiling fan. Such a bummer! Also, I would not suggest bed canopies for smaller bedrooms. Get these installed only if you have a spacious room. You can also make and install your own bed canopies. Just Google 'DIY bed canopies'.

Make your room smell good

Burn candles every evening or use an aroma diffuser. You can use your favorite scents. I personally, like burning oud. I also like rose and lavender scents. But, they shouldn't be too strong as that sometimes can cause a headache.

A cozy sitting area

If possible arrange a little seating area in your room. A sofa or chair to relax and read a book. 

How cute is this vanity!! WANT!

I also found these little baby cribs. These are adorable.

I hope you found some inspiration. :D

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