Simple Homemade Ultra Moisturizing Cocoa Butter Tinted Lip Balm

Here is a simple DIY recipe that is extremely moisturizing for the lips. It was really cold in my city for a while and my lips were getting extremely dry. None of my lip balms were moisturizing enough. This lip balm that consists mainly of Palmer's Cocoa Butter which has Vit-E and soothing lavender too. This Palmer's Cocoa butter is amazing for dry skin. It helps in reducing and preventing stretch marks. But, if you do not have this butter you can use Vaseline but the butter would be more moisturizing and beneficial for your lips.

These photos show more pink but my balm is more on the coral orange side. I really love this lip balm. It's great for everyday. I hate wearing lipstick everyday so this balm just provides me with the perfect color and moisture. My lips were smooth and moisturized for hours without the need for re-applying.

Let's start!

Things you'll need:
 Cocoa Butter or Vaseline
Some powder eyeshadow or blush
A small container
A bowl and spoon for mixing

If your butter is really hard you might have to microwave it for a few seconds to soften it. Scoop out the amount of butter you want and put it in the bowl.

Scrape out some blush or eyeshadow and add it into the bowl. If you want a really pigmented lip balm add more powder. You can also use any color eyeshadow or blush you want. I used this coral orange color.

This is how it looks, soft and fluffy after mixing.

Put it into a small container and your done.


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