Mini Supermarket Haul (What I Got From The Mall + Some Of My Favorite Snacks)

So, I bought some new products and thought I would show you girls my mini haul. I'm really excited about using my new goodies. 

Danube Supermarket (Price: 26 SR)

This is the product I'm most excited about. I'm growing out my hair, although my hair is pretty long almost to my belly button. But, I want longer! And, this shampoo is actually used on horses. Don't get shocked. It can also be used on human hair. No side-effects nothing. Google 'Mane n Tale Shampoo' and you will find so many people raving about how this shampoo increased their hair growth. No joke! I had to get this. 

Price 11-14 SR

This is a Body wash by Palmolive. It is a Thermal Spa and Skin Renewal Coconut Shower Scrub. 

Lifestyle store (Price-15 SR) 

These exfoliating gloves are my must-have. I cannot bath without them. What you do is, you apply your soap or body wash in the shower and then massage your whole body wearing this glove. It removes all dead skin and leaves your skin baby smooth. I love it! I got mine from Lifestyle store. You can get these from City Max or Lifestyle. It retails for 12-15 Sr and really great quality. You get two gloves one for each hand but I like to use only one and keep the other one for later. Don't get these from pharmacies or even supermarkets. They sell it for anywhere from 22-35SR and the quality is not so good.

Price- 12-15 SR

This is just an intimate wash. We shouldn't be using our normal soap down there as it disturbs the PH balance. It is safe to use these washes as they are made specifically for that area. 

Price- 7.50 SR

I needed a hand lotion so I decided to give this brand a try. FARMASI actually is quite a popular brand in Saudi Arabia. All supermarkets sell their products. What attracted me the most was the pump. I hate flipping and squeezing tubes. This looks easy to use plus it has olive oil. I will put it on my dresser to use through out the day.

Price 5.50 Sr

I picked up a baby toothbrush. No, I don't have a baby. I use this to exfoliate my lips. Cannot use regular toothbrush because the bristles are too hard. Baby brush bristles are much softer and they can remove all the chapped and dead skin. Just apply a thick layer of vaseline and brush your lips gently.

Price - 5.50 Sr

I also picked up this little soap which is olive oil infused with rose. It looks and smells amazing. Can't wait to try this.

Price -15.50

AXE came out with deodorants for Her. I had to pick this up!! It smells good. Love AXE.

Price 14-15 Sr

I did a mini review of this Nivea Body lotion on Girl From Arabia's Facebook page. I applied this before bed in the night and surprisingly I smelled really good in the morning too.

Price 30 Sr

I found these really cute shoes in City Max. The quality is not bad either.

Here are some of my favorite snacks,

Who doesn't love Loacker?

I die for these. Mr Krisps Cheez Balls are delicious. I can't get enough of them.

I love the Dark Chocolate by Galaxy. It's the perfect amount of dark+sweet. Hersheys also came out with this new chocolate called Hersheys Nuggets. Love it!!

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  1. great haul!! and so much informative too, i keep discovering new things in every haul of yours and what i really loveeee is that you review about products which are so near our reach and easy to get our hands on them:) heyy i would like to know where would i find the olive soap here in Riyadh? and in which section of citymax will these exfoliating gloves would be available? really appreciate your efforts :)


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