Kassara Golden Glow By Mikyajy (Perfect For Brides)

I received this set as a gift in my wedding. This set includes 4 full size products. It includes a perfume, a body wash, a body cream and a shimmery powder bronzer. It comes in a glamorous box which is perfect for brides.

What makes this set unique for me is the shimmery bronzer. I love it. It is for the face and body and gives the most beautiful sun-kissed glow. It is very subtle and really enhances that bridal glow.

A swatch of the bronzer on my hand

Its almost finished.

The fragrance of these products is very bridal-y. I don't know how else to describe it. If your a bride, or you have a wedding coming up, this is the perfect gift.

The body wash and body cream leave the body really fragrant. Another pro of buying a set like this is that you don't have to pick different products up. You can just buy a set with everything in it. Sometimes, our perfume doesn't match our body cream, so the scents tend to clash with each other. 

Buying sets like these means that the products compliment each other very well and the fragrances don't clash with each other. Because, they belong in the same scent family, if that makes sense.

You can find this set in any of the Mikyajy stores and it is also on sale right now for about 147 Sr.

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