How To Become Your Husband's Darling

Who doesn't want to be their husband's sweetheart? Read on for some of my tips. Click here, if you haven't read my post on Big Don'ts & Little Do's For Wives + What Muslim Men Hate In Their Wives

Become his best friend...How, you ask?

Help him with everything you can, be there for him. That's what friends do! Stand by his side through thick and thin. Assist him with mind, money and matter when he is in difficulty. Forget your personal needs during such times and do everything possible to give him relief. These are the occasions to win his love. To show him you are there for him, as his friend and soul mate.

When he is worried about something, do everything in your power to relieve his worry and tell him things to make him happy. Express genuine happiness when he is happy and sadness when he is sad. Have genuine concern for him. Give him good advice. This way he will always turn to you when he needs sound advice. Also, being frugal with his money is very important. Never demand things you know he cannot afford. 

Don't undermine the importance of being playful with your spouse. Even our beloved Rasool SAW used to play with his wife Aisha RA. This not only increases love between a couple but bonds them with a special friendship. 

No offence to my fellow girls but women are known to be so dramatic and serious all the time. This is a major turn-off for men. We need to let things go and chill for a while.

Play with him when he is playful, never brush him off rudely. Have fun with him. Plan fun dates with him. Do things together. Be a sport, for him. Be funny and entertaining. Tease him and play games with him. Wrestle with him or race with him. Spending time and enjoying with each other is essential, because this too will bond you together.

Tell him your stories and what you saw on the news, and ask him what he did that day. 

Being up to date with current events and happenings is crucial too, so that you are able to carry out interesting talks and conversations with him. A person who knows nothing beyond the realm of the house is kind of boring. 

Have an opinion! Don't just be mumm about everything. An intelligent woman with her own thoughts and opinions is something...You just can't get bored of her. 

Most importantly, understand him. Know what he is and what he is not. He will love to tell you things when he knows you’ll understand. 

And, you know what? A woman can be replaced. 

But, you CANNOT replace a person who has stood by you through everything, who understands you, who bonds with you. You just cannot replace that person! 

Take that position in his heart and become an irreplaceable part of his life. A part he can’t live without.

Be positive and happy

Men adore women who are lively and happy because such an attitude makes others happy. Such a woman lifts her husband's spirits and also dispels his tiredness providing him with happiness and contentment. SMILE whenever he looks at you. A genuine smile is the most beautiful thing. 

When he comes home, run to him! Greet him with a sweet smile and a kiss. What man wouldn't want to come home to that? 

Your vibe should be contagious for him, he shouldn't be able to help but smile around you.

Respect and love yourself!

When you do not love and respect yourself, you send these vibes to other people. If you want people to respect you, respect yourself first! Nobody is perfect, but everybody is working towards it.

Do something you really love. Or do something productive, not just be idle with your life. Everyone has some or the other talent. Find what yours is and enjoy doing it.

Loving yourself means being confident about yourself. Not needing someone to remove your insecurities. I'm not talking about the narcissistic love. Ego and narcissism is very unattractive and highly nauseating. There is a difference between confidence and over-confidence.

Confidence isn't walking into a room with your nose held high, thinking how you are better than everyone else. Confidence is walking into a room and NOT having to compare yourself to anyone in the first place.

When you are HAPPY with your own self, people around you will automatically like and appreciate who you are. So, if you want your husband to love and respect you, love and respect yourself first!

Be cute, sweet and kind

Yes, that's what I said, be cute! Humans are naturally programmed to feel protective over little vulnerable beings. I found the perfect example to explain this,

When we look at a cute little kitten or a baby, what do we feel? We feel the natural urge to care for it. Likewise, women compared to men are physically more vulnerable and weak. So, men who love their women would want to protect them like a mother protects her baby. 

So, if you feel like you want him to dot on you, try being cute. ;) It works. 

Having a sweet and kind nature will make you his treasure. 

This should be a woman's motto- "Sugar, spice and everything nice :P haha

Physical appearance

I know, I stress alot on physical appearance but believe me no matter what people might say, it matters. Men are visual creatures. They love beauty. They do not expect women to be sweaty or hairy. Sweaty and hairy are manly attributes for them. Even though a woman may not be naturally beautiful, she can make herself beautiful. So, there are no excuses. 

Few rules to live by,

1. Look fresh and clean always
2. Have a signature scent and keep your body fragrant at all times
3. No hair anywhere except the head, eyebrows and eyelashes
4. Basic exercise- Walk on the treadmill regularly for a fit yet soft & feminine body
5. Proper hygiene should be priority
6. Make sure to wear good clothes and not be in rags everyday

Taking care of the house

You might be wondering how this will get you closer to your husband. But, believe me your husband will really appreciate a clean house. Create a beautiful haven for him when he gets home. Have the house smell good, refreshing and relaxing. Your husband will love coming home to his beautiful home and wife. ;)

So get creative and decorate your house, specifically your bedroom. Create a calm and soft environment. Spray a good room freshener or burn some Oud. Avoid using harsh fluorescent lights and use soft lamp lights because they look and feel more relaxing.

(A little tip - white lights highlight your stretch marks and make other skin problems more prominent whereas warm lights are often more forgiving.)

In the end whatever you do, just BE TRUE. Don't fake anything, it won't last. Be sincere and genuine. When you are beautiful from the inside, you will automatically be a blessing for everyone around you. You don't even have to work for it.

So, if you take one thing from this post, take this,

Remove negativity from your life.

Remove hate, jealousy and every negative emotion from your heart, as much as you can. Be filled with optimism, spread hope, faith and kindness. It's so easy to say unkind words to someone, what is difficult is stopping yourself from saying them. In the end, it is our heart that blackens. Purifying the heart is the first and foremost step towards loving yourself, and others loving you. 

I hope I haven't offended anyone with anything I said here. 
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  1. woww..your article is so interesting and eye-opening for me as bride-to-be. My future hubby is an arab and he is so outspoken, when don't like something, he tells me straightforward. Such as, he don't like hair on my upper lips and chin and ask me to take care of it. I was so upset but now i understand and accept it. so, the tips here is "there's no ugly girl in this world, there's only lazy girl". thanks girl!

  2. Glad you found it helpful :D <3 All the best!

  3. I found your blog, when I was looking for Arabian Beauty Secrets (I read all of your beauty posts!) and I have to admit that some other posts caught my attention - like this one for example. I think tips given there are universal and I will learn them by heart ;) I am Christian and know not much about Arabic culture, religion or habits, but as I see from your blog - girls from different places of the world share some similar problems ;)
    I hope you will continue doing what you are doing, because you kept me interested in your world a lot
    (I ♥ your beauty tips and I use it!) and I think it makes you a great writer.
    Greetings from Poland!

  4. I am a super fan of ur blog ! i follow you on fb too ! Youre very very inspiring ! :)

    Now,i might sound stupid but,how can there be no hair anywhere except head ,brows n lashes-ALL THE TIME ? :/

    It aint possible :S

    HOW ?

    1. That's so true!!! And I think someone should make Guy from Arabia immediately - come on, guys should be told that they should groom themselves too, personally for me, but I'm sure that this applies to every other woman out there with two functioning eyes, that WOMEN also like GOOD LOOKING men!!! So males: groom the heck out of yourselves yeah? we should we do things to make ourselves appealing for EACH OTHER. The effort itself is a sign of respect and nourishes a good relationship.

      Being hairless for women or men all the time is pretty much impossible, if he or she can't accept that fact, then what kind of relationship do you have?

  5. Lovely. Beautiful post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. BaarakAllah feek.


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