My Favorite Hair Product Of The Year

I got this hot oil hair conditioning treatment/mask from a pharmacy. I've used this a couple of times and it has changed my hair. It changed my hair, like seriously not exaggerating. I'm in love with this product. And, to add cherry on the top it retails for just 14 Sr.

My hair ends are really dry like the desert. This product has made my hair super soft, hydrated, 0% frizzy and really healthy. I'm in love!!
Fash Kool hair products are amazing and I've tried some of their other hair treatments but this one beats them all. 

I apply this to my hair from ear down. I usually leave it on over night and wrap my hair in a bun or something. I rinse it off in the morning and it leaves my hair hydrated like a dream.

I highly highly recommend this mask if you have super dry hair or if your looking for something inexpensive and amazing. You can find FASH KOOL products in pharmacies and many local beauty stores. In Riyadh you can get this from LULU supermarket.


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  2. Is this better or the honey+milk one? I have used either of them, don't remember which one but it does wonders to your hair. Please let me know which ones better

    1. Most of their products are great. I think both would work the same way.


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