How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

This is a very common problem among South-Asian girls. I've below some very effective tried and tested tips to help get rid of dark underarms.

1. Stop shaving. Shaving doesn't remove the hair from the roots. The roots that are still left give your skin the dark tint. Also, the friction caused by shaving can make your skin darker over time. Try waxing or epilating the underarm hair. Both these methods remove hair from the roots. Waxing gets rid of dead skin cells too, so that will give you a brighter skin tone.

2. Use a whitening deodorant that has Vit-C and Lemon in it. If you cannot find something with lemon in it, just get the whitening deodorant. There are alot of brands like Nivea and MUM that sell whitening deodorants. Using these makes a huge difference over-time.

3. Let your underarms breath. Wear loose t-shirts or sleeveless tops at night or whenever you can.  The constant friction with tight clothing causes darker underarms.

4. Use home remedies. Apply lemon every night for a week and you will definitely see brighter underarms.

5. Exfoliate. Sometimes, the darker skin might just be a result of dead skin build up. Make a sugar and olive oil scrub and gently scrub the area. Doing this two times a week ensures there are no dead skin cells accumulating.

Trust me, following all these tips will definitely help you get rid of dark underarms. All of these are highly effective and work wonders if you make them a part of your routine.


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