Harassment & Women Driving In Saudi Arabia?!?!

As you may already know Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world were women are not allowed to drive. There is actually no legal law barring women from driving, this women driving ban is actually a traditional custom or societal law. A large number of women in Saudi Arabia are protesting and challenging this ban.

My two cents on this whole issue...

I actually don't understand what the big deal is. Why not let women drive? Like in every other country. Being a girl in Saudi Arabia I can understand the frustration women feel. They cannot go out on their own, or perform simple tasks like grocery shopping or hospital visits without the help of a male. It is so frustrating to always have to depend on someone to do every little thing for you.

This would be my carrrrr

Either you hire a taxi or a private driver to drive you around or depend on your father, brother or husband to take you every other place. I'm sure all males in this country are fed up of driving their women around. I don't get the point of this ban. It's ridiculous.

On the other hand, I also fear for the general safety of women if the ban on driving is lifted. I feel like physical, verbal and sexual harassment against women will increase. A recent incident at a mall involving a group of women harassed by a huge group of men has made me really wonder what will happen when women start driving out, alone.

It seems like these men have never seen women. One man literally catches a woman with his hands who in return kicks him. This is just crossing the line. Too much!! You can read about it here -Dhahran harassment incident sparks outrage.

I was outraged after watching the video clip of this incident. This was physical and verbal assault on women in PUBLIC in broad daylight!! These are the issues that need to be dealt with very strictly.

I hope authorities punish these perverts in a way that sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

If the ban is lifted, aren't you excited to drive?? I'm dying!! My car would be a hot pink jeep or a little truck lol.

There is a campaign against the 'against the ban on women driving'. Did you get me? This situation is so ironic.

So, let's see what happens.

Which side are you on? Yay or Nay to women driving?


  1. Ella young Bella !
    Lets try to be fair and reasonable here . This issue here is NOT just about a few ladies hopping in and taking control of the wheel. Lets try to look at it from all possible viewpoints and get through them one after the other.
    Women being "allowed" to drive today , will eventually lead up to "women left with no choice but to drive on their own even when they don't want to" in the coming years, just like it happened in "any other country" (sic.) . The so called "women's liberation" of the west , to which this driving issue directly relates, was in itself a gimmick in its own sense .
    You see ma'am , up until the 60's , good 'ol West was all cool and calm about serving and catering to the needs of their women folk . Chivalry was a synonym to nobility and everyone from the rags to the riches held on to it, with their necks held up even higher . Women stayed home doing their Godly assigned JOBS and had their men work, earn and look after their needs and necessities. They were led around in wagons and cars with chauffeurs .In fact, the working woman was looked down in the society often cited as either a widow with no one in her family to look after her ( which basically would evaluate to being a husbandless fatherless brotherless childless person all at once ) who did petty chores to survive and raise kids or someone cut off from the family .
    Then came Women's Lib , primarily for the sole reason to tax the women population, which could not be achieved if women didn't work in the first place.( see: historic interview with aron ruso on youtube). This led to a change in centuries old cultural norms and suddenly women were beginning to be treated "equally" to men, all through the 70's. That, plus a couple of decades of mass media and propaganda, and Voila! there you go. Enter 21'st century. Women of the west are already feeling left out , objectified , used , violated , and what not . All of this in the name of liberation of women's rights.
    We have seen, from various conjunctures , the outcome of it was not even satisfactory to the level of ease and convenience any woman should have in her life . Being a daughter , wife and a mother wasn't enough for her that now she also has to be an employee in addition to her previous duties. This has led to many downsides in the typical western household varying from failed marriages, to single moms , to decline in marriages, birth and incline in extra marital relationships and so on .
    Women of the current generation are fed up of the system their predecessors built up , resulting in chaos . When asked if they want to stay at home or go out and work and get treated equally , their reply stands on the lines of "We want to stay home and be taken care of but who would let us do that now" .
    The aftermath of this was even more drastic .With the crime rate rising , harassment and abuse on its peak, Women are left to fend for themselves on their own , to drive, to shop, to live , to die.
    Chivalry is something ancient/alien. and only the ultra-rich can hire a chauffeur. Sons don't listen, Brothers don't even matter, husbands are busy with their own 9-5's , and fathers are either dead, disabled or are living away or are in old age homes.
    A typical average woman in the west doesn't feel secure and looked after , not even 5% of which a typical average woman in the typical middle-eastern household does.
    This is only the worldly perspective of it . The Islamic one extends to an even vast boundary. Which ,if cut short , could be summed up to the fact that Muslim women are assigned a level much higher than that of men. Various verses of the Qur'an and many more Hadiths translate and distinguish the role of men towards their women , be it a mother , daughter, sister, or a wife .

    1. I have never heard a woman in the UK say that she wanted to be "taken care of". Most women I know are looking to get very good jobs, be independent and make their own money. I haven't got a clue where you got that "quote" from.

      And the comment on the decline in birth rates and the rise in failed marriages and single parents. I think that's a good thing.

      One, we have many people on this planet, we don't need to keep on breeding like we did.

      Two, why be in a marriage that isn't making you happy? Many women who were forced into marriage and lived a very unhappy married life would have taken divorce and ran with it. Why does marriage matter anyway? You can be happy and not be married.

      And three, there are many single mothers and fathers out there doing a great job! Don't look down on them just because they are looking after children on their own, you should be congratulating them for all of their hard work for doing it alone. Besides, you don't know what happened for that mother or father to be a lone parent, so don't paint them all with the same brush.

      We don't NEED anyone looking after us, all we want is respect, that's it. We want respect in the home, at work and on the streets in everyday life. We want the same respect that men have. Women make up the other half of the population, we should be treated like people, not children who have restrictions placed upon them just because we are women.

    2. The most women I know are happy to be independent.
      They also felt save until muslim migrants from North Africa poured
      into European countries. That changed a lot!

  2. ^ although this is the "COMMENTS" section, You have nailed it !!!
    p.s: are you a blogger too? If yes, then link it here asap.

  3. This is a heated argument and I don't think we can come to a conclusion.

  4. How wonderful it is to be able to read the opinions and thoughts of other women! I am in Australia and I am not of the Islamic faith. We women still have a lot in common and can learn from one an other. I hope your blog is doing well and good luck with your journalism.

  5. Concerning harrassment. In Cologne (Germany) we had a lot of incidents on new year.
    Large groups of North African men (Tunisia, Marroc, Algeria) groped, touched and even raped German women. The same thing in the summer in public swimming pools.

    As a German man I always wonder why those guys behave like wild animals.
    I have read that in many muslim countries it is said women have to hide their body
    or the men cannot control himself. And therefore the men are not to blame but the women
    who did not hide their bodies. Really? This is bullshit!

    Those men are disgusting. And then we have the honor killings...
    Your sister does behave haram? Kill her!

  6. From a Burqa wearing woman point of view western women walk arround half-naked in summer.
    Luckily most western men are well-behaved.
    The most attacks on women appear in countries like Egypt, Pakistan, and so on.
    What is so difficult in treating women respectful no matter what they wear???


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