Get Soft, Smooth, Clear & Radiant Skin Instantly + Remove Black Heads

I've been reading about this little trick everywhere but didn't get down to trying it. My skin was feeling literally dead, because of the hot humid weather. My pores were completely blocked with who knows what. Ughhhh

This little trick is amazing. My skin was instantly smooth, clean and radiant. It is amazing for clearing blocked pores and blackheads.

You only need one ingredient -

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective and inexpensive way to create face and body products that leave skin looking and feeling soft and clean. It is natural, free of chemicals and has antibacterial properties that combat acne and dry skin. It also serves as an exfoliant and can be combined with other natural ingredients to soothe and soften rough skin. (Reference

Take a good pea-sized amount of your daily face wash on your hand and add some baking soda to make a nice scrub.

Now, scrub your whole face with it in small circular motions, concentrating on your problem areas. Scrub your face for a good 2-4 mins. Remember to be gentle.

Wash off with water and feel the softness. Instant soft beautiful and clean skin! Remember to moisturize.

I suggest using this scrub only when you feel like you need serious exfoliation. You might not want to try this if you have serious acne or really sensitive skin.

Also, don't get confused between baking 'powder' and baking 'soda'. They are entirely different. Baking soda is also in powder form, the name might be misleading. It's powder. You can find it in supermarkets.

If you try this, tell me how it works for you.

Leave me a comment if you have something particular you want me to write a post on.

Thankyou for reading!! <3


  1. Thanks for the tip. Will give this one a whirl!

  2. i also use this for teeth whitening, but my cousin says its cancerous :( i done know

  3. We need to clean our face thrice a day. This will reduce excessive oil from skin. Therefore, there will be less chances of having acne and blackheads on skin.

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