Current Favorite Lipsticks (Vacation Edition)

All the lipsticks I brought with me on my trip are from Rimmel except one which is from Max factor. I bought quite a few shades but I will only be sharing my favorite favorite ones.

The pictures might not be as true to color because of the lightning but they are pretty close.


Rimmel Kate Moss in 10
Red is a must have color. I love this red. 

This is kind of a peachy orangey toned lipstick. It's very subtle and looks really pretty with my skin tone. This is my everyday lipstick.

This is a very bright fuchsia color. This is very wearable, it might come off as too much but that's just because of the lightning here.

This is a hot pink color. It is absolutely beautiful and is also my most grabbed lipstick.

Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar

I have a full review on this click here to check it out Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer


I'm sorry about the bad lighting in the photos, I did this in the night so it was really dark.

I apologize for not posting as much, as some of you might know I'm in India. I hardly get any time to sit on my laptop but I promise I have quite a few different posts in line for you. Will get them out real soon!!

Takecare <3

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