Hijabi Outfit Inspirations

This post is gonna be helpful for alot of my hijabi sisters. You can wear these outfits for parties, or a picnic or shopping or any kind of outing where you wanna be covered properly. Also, check out Wardrobe Essential For A Hijabi Girl

I love simple, casual hijabi outfits, not something that will be like 'in your face' with a million bright popping colors. My style is more feminine, flowy, elegant and toned down.

These outfits will hopefully provide you with some inspiration, but of course you can make some tweaks in the outfits to adjust your style.

If you have read my previous post I mentioned about my trip to India, I don't like wearing abaya everywhere, as the abaya attracts more attention over there. I've noticed people staring at me more when I wear my abaya, isn't it weird? So, I like to meddle in by wearing modest clothes and of course full covering scarves.

So lets get started. Here are some pictures I collected from some popular hijabi bloggers. (I hope they don't mind).

Also, please remember I'm not in anyway promoting the camel hump or any other hijab styles that you might find in some of these photos. I just like the 'outfit'.

I just LOVE maxi skirts. They are just the perfect substitute to abaya. Your body shape is intact, it's very modest yet casual. I love maxi skirts.

Amena from Amenakin on Youtube is amazing. I just love her fashion sense.

This is actually turkish hijab I think. It looks so feminine and elegant. I want!!

How gorgeous do they look here? Masha'Allah

Maxi dresses are amazing too. You can add a full sleeved shirt inside or just pop on a cardigan/blazer. They are full covering and look amazing. Love these.

My must-haves are-

  • Black polo neck full sleeved shirt
  • Maxi skirts
  • Cardigan/blazer
  • Scarves


  1. jazakallah khair saadu :) all ur posts are really inspiring n helpful <3.....may Allah(s.w.t) grant all ur jayiz duaas n make the life of dunya as well as aakhira easy,beautiful,joyfull for u... <3 <3 <3

  2. I like the first two and the fourth outfits. So elegant!


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