# Chit Chat - Where have I been?

Salamalaikum and hello my dear readers. I'm sorry for totally vanishing on you guys. I actually don't have any excuse for my disappearance. This month has been the laziest month of the year for me.

Travelling between Riyadh and Jeddah I sometimes take a whole load of time to settle after my trip. Currently, I'm in Jeddah but I'm packing soon for a little vacation to my home country. So, forgive me if I lag a little on my blogging for awhile.

Given the current situation in India, I'm a little apprehensive. I don't really know whether to be excited for my trip or not. If you are an Indian, you probably know what I'm referring to here. The lack of security for women in India is horrible.

Rapes are like a casual everyday thing. Freedom in India? Not so much, I think. For girls living in Saudi Arabia, we look at other countries like India with the thought of being free. We attribute freedom with countries like India.

But, now many of us feel safer here, than in India. We have to live a more confined life in India. Don't go out (doesn't matter if you go out with your father/brother/husband as they will be thrashed), don't stay out late, don't go to SUCH and SUCH places, be scared of every pervy eye, forget looking pretty (make yourself as unattractive and hideous as possible (it doesn't even matter how you look, they will still do it).

I'm not a very patriotic person, I don't mean to offend my fellow Indians out there. But, there is actually nothing to love about India. From my point of view all I see is dirty politics, bribery everywhere, the poor only becomes poorer and the rich only becomes richer, there is no humanity, only money. People will do anything for money. I recently saw a documentary of how the milkmen mix dangerous substances like shampoo to increase the amount of milk. The politicians are so damn corrupt, yet the public elects them AGAIN.

Sorry about my rant here. I just find this so frustrating. I'm Indian, but I hardly lived in India, I've been in Saudi all my life yet I'm not a Saudi citizen. Where do I belong? Arrghhh!!! I think this is what most expats here feel.

So, what have I been doing? I've been shopping, keeping my Shawwal fasts, lazing around, sleeping most of the day. I just love my bedroom, my bed. I can forever be in there. I'm a very laid back person, but I can work hard when I want to.

So, now I've decided to come out of my hibernation and stop procrastinating and start doing some work. I need to get back on my exercise regime. I'm sorry for not replying to your comments or messages, I will get on it right now.

Also, what would you like me to blog more about? Personal blogs?? or more beauty blogs?? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I was also thinking about vlogging my trip to India? I'm not sure, but would you be interested in watching what I'm upto?

Let me know. Some new posts coming up soon.

Takecare and love <3


  1. I do agree with you
    derz actually nothing much to love abt india.
    It has become so unsafe place for women....i m scared to go n continue my studies der..so confused.
    Write more about beauty <3

  2. yes i also agree :) i also dont like india!!! n ya plz write more abt beauty :)


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