Kate Moss Lipsticks By Rimmel

Wearing my fav lipstick from the collection

This will be a little review/rave about my current favorite lipsticks. I absolutely love these lipsticks and use them almost everyday.

They come in a big range of beautiful colors. So, there is a lipstick color here for everyone. The retail price for these is around 30-35 Sr (since I last checked). The quality is amazing for the price.

These lipsticks are matte. But, the lipstick is quite moisturizing, and the color pay off is great.

Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize before you apply any of the darker colors. Chapped, dry lips won't impress.

Currently, I have about 4 lipsticks from this collection. I'm sure I will be buying more of these.

10 - is a very deep red (This is the color Kate Moss is wearing in the picture above)

02 - is a bold kind off hot pink color

08 - is a everyday nude beige color

110 - my most favorite is a beautiful bright coral color

I also wanted to quickly mention another lipstick by Rimmel that I have been loving.

004 Indulgence

I love this color so much!!! 

If your looking for good quality lipsticks then you should definitely check out this collection of Kate Moss by Rimmel. 


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