Finally!!! My First Real Techniques Brush :D Yay!!!

I finally got my Real Techniques Stippling brush. I ordered it online and received it today. This is not a big deal for people in the USA, UK or Canada but it is a big deal for me as these brushes are still not available in Saudi Arabia. 

If you haven't heard of these brushes, these brushes are by popular makeup artist and beauty blogger Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo. These brushes are known worldwide and every makeup fanatic has these.

I got this Stippling brush for applying foundation.

The bristles are super soft on the face. I applied my Garnier BB cream with this. It blended smoothly and gave my face a glowy polished look. 

I couldn't stop rolling this brush on my face LOL. So, in love!!


Please, be nice. ♥

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