Crazy Eyelash Growth Potion + Fight Wrinkles & Dark-circles

If you've been following my posts regularly, you know that I've been trying to grow my short sparse lashes. If you've not been following then you can check it out here. My longer eyelashes with Castor oil and Update & Photos of my eyelashes

I know, I know. You must think I'm absolutely crazy. So obsessed over eyelashes. I can't help it! I love eyelashes. They just make such a big difference to the face. Is there anyone else out there as crazy  as me or am I the only crazy one?

I started using castor oil almost 6 months ago and I have never stopped since. I made this a part of my nightly routine.

To make this little potion, I just mixed equal parts of castor oil and vitamin E oil in a little container. I apply this mixture with a cutip every night around my eyes and also on my eyelashes.

Both these oils are used in alot of anti-aging cosmetics. They are amazing for keeping wrinkles and dark circles at bay along with nourishing your lashes.

My mascara applies better, my lashes stay curled better. Overall, this little magic potion has given me real false eyelashes (that make sense?).  Let me rephrase, my lashes after applying mascara are so huge, it looks like I have applied falsies.

I wanted to share with you girls, how my eyelashes look without mascara, but it's not possible as they are so light in color the camera just doesn't capture it without mascara. But, in real life you can see clearly how much longer and better my eyelashes look.

All my girls have commented and asked if I'm wearing mascara when I'm wearing absolutely no makeup.

Some of my girls have even used castor oil and came back to me absolutely loving it. They could see a difference just in a few days.

Have any of you tried using Castor oil? Do share with me your experience if you did, I'd be happy to hear.


  1. Hi, I just started to use castor oil for my lashes, eyebrows and also on my scalp for a couple of days. I also heard that castor oil is great against wrinkles. I'm envious of your eyebrows, they are really beautiful :) , I want similar, because I have very thin and sparse, since I overplucked them in the nineties :( Greetings from Hungary :)


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