This Shampoo Stops Hairfall - Loreal Arginine Resist Shampoo

I have been having loooot of hairfall and breakage.  Hate it. Just hate it. And, worst part I couldn't find a new shampoo that worked for me.
I was using my favorite Loreal Total Damage Repair 5 for over 6+ months and needed a change. I tried Sunsilk and Dove, didn't really suit my hair.

I loved the loreal line so I decided to check this new one out. I don't know how or why. But, this shampoo literally works. My hairfall has dropped 80% in just the first wash.I would recommend this to anyone struggling with hairfall. I love it!  

Don't know about you but I'm gonna be using this for a longg while.


  1. Srslyyy ??? I hope it really works? I've been depressed over a horrible hairfall problem since months :( what else do you use?? just the shampoo n conditioner? Or something else too??
    May Allah bless you.. Jazakallahukhair.. Will try this ASAP.. :) <3

    1. Yes, do try this shampoo. It might atleast reduce the hairfall. I use the Loreal Miracle Cream Conditioner and I also oil my hair regularly as in atmost two times a week.

      Thankyou so much <3


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