My Travel Makeup-Must Have's!

So, I traveled to Riyadh to see my family recently. The thing with me is whenever I travel somewhere I literally pack EVERYTHING. Like everything seems so important and I just can't leave it behind. Am I alone in this or is it a normal thing for girls to pack the whole house along with em'?

But, this time I packed everything keeping this question in mind, 'Will I use this product/clothes/shoes everyday/often/occasionally? 

The products I use often and everyday came along, others were left behind :( The reason I pack everything along is because my mind thinks 'what if?' Like 'What if there comes a party? I need to wear those shoes/dress to that party? I need to bring it along for that 'what if'. But, that party usually never comes.

I decided to share with you all my travel makeup essentials. You might have seen most of these products in my current makeup favorites post.

I have all my makeup in this little Body Shop bag. 

Okay, I know this looks like a lot but I promise you it's not. I don't wear makeup everyday but when I do, I need all these things.

  • Garnier BB cream 
  • Garnier and Maybelline concealers
  • 3 Mikyagy blushes, colors are light pink/coral pink/bronzy coral
  • Highlighters- Nyx loose shimmer, milkyagy loose shimmer and maxfactor shimmer stick
  • Prestige pink lip liner
  • Colossal kajal and white eye pencil
  • Maybelline gel liner
  • 1 smoky palette, 2 neutral palettes
  • 5 Rimmel lipsticks- Light pink/Bright pink/Red/Nude/Coral/ 2 Mikyagy lipsticks in Pink & Coral
  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara
  • OOOOoo my Florelle bronzer 
  • and some lip balmsss

Brushesssss :D I had these brushes in another little pouch.

  • Eyelash curler
  • I forgot to add my eyebrow pen from Mikyagy so added it here
  • Starting from left - Foundation brush-
  • Little Concealer brush
  • Eyebrow spoolie 
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Blush/contour brush
  • New eyeliner brush
  • Eyeshadow brush big
  • Eyeshadow brush small 
  • Blending brush
  • Big powder brush
And, that is all. Is this too much? These are my basic things, I need to have them whenever I travel out of city/country. What are your travel makeup must-haves? 


  1. Asak saadia...I juz luv ur blog !!!! Ur tips n info r reeli helpfull !! ...I juz wana ask whr cn I find garnier conceler?

    1. Walaikum Salam Shaista, thankyou so much <3 :D You can buy the Garnier concealer from any pharmacy that sells Garnier products. You can find it in Panda and hyper Panda as well. In Riyadh, you can find it in LULU. In Jeddah, you can get it from Danube.

  2. asak saadia i am from riyadh ...i love your blog its like really helpful and usefull for young ladys or girls..i juz wanna ask from where did you buy those red set of brushes ancan you tell me from where can i get the blending brushe which you use ...thanks saadia..

    1. Walaikum Salam dear. Thank you for your kind words :D
      I bought those brushes from Jeddah but you can find them in random stores. You can find them in the big 2/5/10/15 riyal shops. If you don't mind getting a little bit expensive ones, you can get these at the Mikyajy stores. Mikyajy has a number of stores in Riyadh, there is one in LULU in Hara. Hope this helps :)

  3. Hi saadia .. plz rply

  4. 1 smokey palette and 2 nude palette...can you please mention the brands? I am on a hunt for a good nudes palette

    1. The smokey pallete is from NYX and the small nude palette is also from Nyx. The other nude palette is from H&M. These are really good, I love them.

  5. From where did u got the baby lips......


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