How To Reduce Hair Fall - Deep Conditioning

My hair has been falling alot lately, I think it might be due to my poor diet. I am a junk addict. Healthy food is so boring and tasteless! So anyways, I decided to deep condition my hair and see if that stops the hair from falling.

I also take multi-vitamins every day usually after breakfast. I strongly believe in multi-vitamins. I feel like they provide the necessary nutrition needed for healthy hair and skin. So, if your having alot of hair fall I think that is the first thing you should do.

So moving on, this is what I did to deep condition my hair.

I mixed this Honey hair treatment cream for colored hair with some almond oil (any other oil would do) in a bowl. I applied it generously all over my hair and scalp. I put on a shower cap and left it overnight.

Then, I washed it next morning with Loreal Elvive Total Repair Five shampoo and Lorealy Elvive Miracle cream conditioner. I love this Total Repair line.

After doing this once a week for two weeks my hair fall decreased tremendously. My hair looks so shiny and healthy.

I still do this deep conditioning treatment every two weeks to maintain my hair.

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  1. hey i love ur blog good going girl wells wanna ask u dat if my hairs are oily den dis treatment will work ??

    1. Hi, thankyou for reading <3
      It doesn't matter if your hair is oily this treatment works on all kinds of hair.

  2. Washing and massaging the hair with cold water will suffice the entire hair loss! :D

  3. hey is this cream, and the creams available in the market by the name of hair spa treatment creams or hair cream, of different varieties, some containing garlic, some containing snake oil etc.
    They come in 1 litre bottles and cost 15 to 20 dirhams (UAE) to be applied after a shower and rinsed off after 40 minutes.

    Is this cream as those ?

  4. Does deep conditioning in parlour work out? My hair falls a lot :'(

  5. Hi I have got hair straightening in India recently I have shifted in Al kharj in India I use touse Loreal absolute repair and loreal lipidium conditioner.But, Here it is not available so, I have started using syoss shampoo and conditioner.But, the syoss conditioner is making my hair dry so, kindly suggest me a good shampoo and conditioner

  6. Will it work for all type of hairs? I just bought Provillus for Women because I facing this thinning hair problem and now after reading this I am considering this hair shampoo.


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