Current Makeup Favorites

I decided to do this post as there are so many makeup products I'm loving right now. All of the these products are really affordable. And I'm really really sorry about the bad quality pictures. Please, ignore.

Getting started with eye products..

I'm really loving neutral shades at the moment. These days I just pair neutral shades with a bright lipstick. 

This is a neutral smoky eye pallet from NYX. Love these colors.
I was just casually browsing through the H&M store when I saw this. I love love nude shades so I bought this. At first I didn't like this very much but as I kept using it, I actually started loving it. I use this almost everyday.

This is another neutral pallet from NYX. 

This is just a gold shimmer pigment from NYX. I use it on to my eyelid and inner corners to brighten up my eyes.


My all-time favorite mascaras from Maybelline.  


The Maybelline Fit ME concealer and Garnier Tinted Roll-on with Caffeine. Love both of them. Although, the Maybelline Fit Me concealer is a bit drying on my skin. But, I absolutely love the Garnier Roll-on. 


I was considering buying a set of Real Techniques Brushes off EBAY, as I can't find them anywhere in Saudi. I really wanted to try good quality brushes. I saw this foundation brush by Basicare in a shop in Andulas Mall, I didn't think I would love it so much. It gives a beautiful application. The brush is super soft and great quality for such a low price. It definitely got my mind off EBAY shopping. Atleast, for a while.


I was searching a long long time for a good product to fill in my brows. I stumbled upon this eyebrow pen in a Mikyagy store and I tried it on. I love it. I use it to outline my brows and then I fill in the eyebrows with powder.

Bronzers/Blushers and Highlighter

I'm obsessed with bronzers right now. I bought this Florelle bronzer recently and I'm love LOVING it. It's very pigmented and gives a very matte bronzed look.

I don't like AVON products, but I love this bronze blusher. It gives a really glowy bronzy finish. 

I actually got this in a complete Makeup kit from Mikyagy. I use this soft shimmery color as a highlight for on top of my cheekbones and under the eyebrows. 

This is also from the same Mikyagy kit. It's just bronze looser shimmer which I use when going for a more bronzed look.

This is another shimmer stick from Max factor which I use as a highlighter. Very creamy formula. Love the glowy look it gives me. I use this on my cheekbone and on the bridge of my nose. 


I use the NYX Color Lip Balm to add some color on top of the other balms. Love the other three balms. So moisturing and goooooooood. I have a obsession with lip-balms. If I see one I have to buy it.


All the lipsticks are from Rimmel. I loovvvvvvve the Kate Moss Lipsticks. The first one is a bright cherry-red, the second one is a deep-red. The third one is a bright pink and the last one is a very coral pink. Last one is not from the Kate Moss collection. The lip gloss is from NYX and it is a very bright red. It's necessary to apply a lipstick before applying that gloss, because I find that it fades really fast when applied on it's own.

I forgot to take a picture of my favorite product. I don't use foundation everyday, I just apply Garnier BB cream in light on my face and I'm good to go. It gives a beautiful dewy finish. Looooooooveeeeee it!!


  1. Where did you get the florelle brand over here?

    1. It's widely available in Jeddah. I've yet to see it in Riyadh.

  2. can u plz show us what u do to ur brows with that MIYAGY pen?

    1. and can we use BB cream everyday?

    2. Sure thing, I will try to do a picture tutorial on how I do my brows.
      Yes, BB cream is designed for everyday use.

  3. Hi im moving to riyadh from uk and wanted to know as u recommend alot of dewy products wont they melt in the heat? If you could let me know thank you


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