Bridal Preparation | And Bridal Inspirations Part 1

Finally!! I have been putting off writing this Bridal/Wedding series as there is aloooot to say. Through these series I will share everything an Indian bride needs to do in preparation for all the occasions like Haldi, Mehendi, Nikah (Shaadi) and Walima. 

I will also share all my wedding details and stuff. What I wore on all those days and everything like that.

So let's get started. As soon as you get engaged the first thing to do is start on a good skin-care regimen along with a healthy diet. 

If you want your skin to be glowing and beautiful at the time of your wedding, start NOW. If you have acne, the best thing to do would be to consult a good Dermatologist. If you want to lose/gain weight, you gotta start right now.

Your body will not change overnight. Following healthy eating habits along with a good skin-care regimen will make you look like a dream on your wedding day.

So plan ahead. Decide what suits your skin best. Start trying products, there are a million natural things you could use for your skin. Like rose water, clay masks, olive-sugar body scrub etc. 

Don't procrastinate as you will regret it later. Along with your skin, pamper your hair! Oil them frequently.

And, and, and! Start on Multi-vitamins. Take one everyday after breakfast. I used to take GLOVIT but now I changed to BION-3. Drink loads of water on empty stomach every morning. Drinking water on empty stomach detoxifies the body which results in fresh glowing skin. Google 'Water Therapy' for more info.

Ok, now for my bridal inspirations. I used to collect a bunch of pictures of dresses and makeup. Anything that I love and want to combine in my own makeup and dresses. Collecting inspirational pictures is a good idea, as this could help you alot. Just browse Google, find dresses that you like, makeup, jewelry. Anything that inspires you.

Below are some of my inspirations. 

This is the dress I originally wanted for one of my receptions. I loved it so much. It's a pakistani dress I think. I just love the colors, the design, everything. 

I love these colors. So vibrant and just beautiful.

I love this jewelery. Not to wear on the wedding day but for grand-after wedding parties.

My mother got this dress made for me in the exact same color and design. It turned out beautiful. So glamorous it looks, I love it.

So, I finally decided on a design. This mermaid cut skirt was very trendy at that time. I guess it still is. I got this for my Walima in Green and Red. The skirt and blouse were emerald green and the duppata red. 
The weird thing is I swore!! that I would never ever take the traditional colors. In India, the bride usually wears red on her Nikah day and Green on her Walimah. But, in the end my dresses turned out to be just those colors :|:|:| But, I loved my dresses anyways. I chose everything myself and I shopped for all my dresses and matching jewelry from India.

I feel like the brides look soooo beautiful in red. I think I was a mix between a traditional and modern bride. 

I hope you girls enjoyed this post. If you have any suggestions for my next Bridal/Wedding series, please leave a comment. 

I also want to thank my readers, who take the time to read, comment and like my posts. This blog actually started as a hobby and I never knew so many girls would actually love it. Thankyou for all the love! 


  1. Good post. I am getting married and i cant wait, alhamdulilah he is the perfect one for me. :) once again great post. I am also doing all to look and be at my best for the day.


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