Beauty Secrets of Arabian Women

Arab women are known for their exotic beauty everywhere. Now, I'm not saying all arab women are beautiful but a big majority of them are blessed with natural beauty. Alot of people say that arab women paint their faces with alot of makeup, which is kind off true. But, even without the makeup I think they have beautiful skin and features.

What I love about Arab women is how they maintain themselves even after having a number of children, and even in their late 30's they manage to look so youthful and beautiful.

Another thing I have noticed about arab girls is that they are very feminine. Even an average looking arab girl will charm you with her feminine style. They have a confident and elegant manner. I have noticed that, Arab women spend alot of time and effort in taking care of themselves, so as to look good for their husband.

And I believe all women should be like this. Spend some time taking care of yourself! It is the responsibility of every wife to be in great shape. Yes, inner beauty is what matters. But, do you honestly think your physical beauty doesn't matter? It matters.

One of the major reasons (I believe) husbands cheat, is because their wife is not taking care of herself and not paying attention to him. I say ONE, there are many other reasons that could lead to a cheating relationship. Though nothing justifies cheating on a spouse. Loyalty is everything, no matter what. Anyways, I will write a different post on this topic.

Moving on to the beauty secrets.

  1. Arab women use alot of natural stuff. Argan oil is known for it's anti-aging properties, and makes your skin glow. It can be used as a moisturizer for the face. A substitute for argan oil is olive oil.
  2. Again they use different oils for their hair. Particularly, olive oil..
  3. They are known to regularly visit spas. But, you can easily give yourself one at home. Read this post for more Click here
  4. They (atleast the health freaks) eat a wholesome and fresh diet, with alot of fruits and vegetables. 
  5. Halawa is a popular method of hair removal used by Arab women. It's a home-made natural wax. It also gets rid of the black dead skin, with continued use the grey-black pigmentation caused by shaving disappears.
  6. Arab women love enhancing their eyes with black kohl. Their eye makeup's are exoticcc
  7. Another common practice is the Hammam Maghrabi, it is a complete bath that sloughs off dead skin and reveals beautiful glowing skin. You can get this bath done in a salon/parlor/spa or you can just buy a kit and do it yourself at home.
  8. Using good quality makeup products. Arabs are rich, well most of them. So they buy expensive, good quality makeup. Cheap makeup products cause alot of problems for the skin in the long run. So make sure to treat your skin with good quality makeup and skin products. Make a good investment.
  9. Stay in good shape. Run on the treadmill for 20-25 mins every alternate day. This will keep you fit, healthy, soft and feminine. 
  10. Most importantly, make time for yourself. Kids are not a free pass for looking unkempt and ugly. Just once a week take the time to beautify yourself. 
True beauty comes from within. So flush any hatred, jealousy and negative emotions out of your heart. Remember to smile and be happy. Who doesn't love a positive woman? You are very powerful, being a woman. Understand your worth and use it in the best way.

All the best!

Update: I edited this post because alot of people were getting offended by that single sentence. It was badly misinterpreted. I never meant to offend anyone. I was just merely stating what I've seen here in Saudi Arabia. I apologize if I unknowingly hurt anyone.


  1. I am a bangladeshi british girl (south asian) and i am 21, people say that i look 16! you are right many asian women after marriage think its ok to look hagard. :/ but i also know many women who take care of themselves, in sha allah i will. i have got rid of all my cosmetic's and am starting fresh with mineral makeup, i am a chemical freak! i enjoyed reading this post xx

    1. I am also a chemical freak, I try to replace most of my skin care products with natural stuff.
      Thankyou for reading <3

  2. i was in saudi arabia more than 6 years jeddah .dammam riyadh ......every morning .i deeply watched a matter that most of arab kids carrying a bakala made (not homemade) dryegg sandwich in their hand and without combing their hair in the cars....

    also most of my arab friends was same but a little change there was a brand new cigarette in their hand....
    ( as per a survey middle east, indonisia ,china the focus of tobacco manufacturer of US .UK----watch history tv 18 survey)

    i dont understand the real reason ....later on i understood ....the 80% of arabs, their family womens not wake up early morning other country.....they will attend the office at 11 am and finish 3 or 4 pm...
    laziness is their property ...never worried about their kids...but always keep mind in their dress code and makeup...
    notime to watch their kids ......

    islam allow the womens to keep nice in front of their husband ..yess....but you are taking 24 hrs for that my dear arabs...
    we need the women like AISHA-rali, fathima-rali,.and others mothers.....

    So put concentrate on your generation atleast 2 hours per day, i-phone ,makeup,kapsa,albaik, laham ,manthi, should be a limit in your life ........unless again arabia will eat dates and drink camel milk ......with out muhaiaf (aircon)

    who ever do against the prophet in the past ......they punished by such a arab women pls put mind on your kids who are going to jahiliya today .......

    abdullah ----- from india------

    1. You think arabian women doesnt care of their children. Well i'm not totally agree with you. Arabian women usually care of their children without assest from a nanny as americans and Eurobeans do. Yes we have some neglected women , but it is not a rule.l'm Egyptian woman and the most important persons in my life are my children.

    2. You think arabian women doesnt care of their children. Well i'm not totally agree with you. Arabian women usually care of their children without assest from a nanny as americans and Eurobeans do. Yes we have some neglected women , but it is not a rule.l'm Egyptian woman and the most important persons in my life are my children.

  3. No need to go crazy with the makeup. It looks hideous. And so does the ugly camel hump hijab style o_0

    stick with natural beauty

    makeup should enhance features, not turn a person into a clown

  4. Asian women don't stay good even into their 20s. Lol. It really depends on how much time and money you have love. Not everyone can afford to be a stinking fat lazy Saudi :D

    1. I would politely disagree with you. You don't need to be rich to takecare of yourself. And I'm pretty sure not ALL Saudi ladies are 'stinking rich fat or lazy.

  5. urgh EDIT

    I meant "stinking RICH fat lazy Saudi"

    1. Oh get lost u racist idiot

  6. wow this is very cool thank you saadia mirza and i want to add anathor secret which is the olive oil ! Yes olive oil is one of the most important secrets we drink it ,add it to the salat ,use it with the cooking .Also we put it in our hair and use it as a natural moisturizer on the body skin.

    My brother abdullah why all this lies and how could you say 80 of the women of Saudi Arabia ?!Can you prove your words? What are your sources? To say this particular number 80!!! Have you been to 80% of the houses of the Saudis to see when they wake up !!! I do not see something in your words, whether true that Islam urged to pay attention to the husband , but you forgot that Islam is also care so much about children and their rights and ordered the husband his wife as well as attention but not 24 hours! We just do some speacial things weekly or monthly because we love to care about our selfs and stay in a healthy style !! If you saw a bad models in saudi it doesnt mean we all like that or not even 80%of saudies :)

    Sorry people my english is bad but try to understand me :)
    Nora.. from saudi arabia

  7. Great article, good job! Very inspiring! Thank you!

  8. Salam dear..i'm from malaysia..i've seen lots of women from all over the world..i agreed that arabian women so pretty..especially their eyes and skin.

  9. Ha! Give over love! Well your little explanation on why men cheat holds no weight cos it looks like not even 4 of you 'beautiful Arab' ladies are enough for your own men. Arab men are all over central London salivating like dog on heat and whining and dining (while their four BEAUTIFUL wives sit pretty at home) Caucasian girls and, believe it or not, ASIAN escorts! (Maybe that's where your hate for Asian girls comes from lol). Go ahead and delete my comment, I know the truth hurts lol boohoo :(

  10. If your idea of beauty includes using tons of makeup then I think that's sad...just because someone is natural and doesn't use make up doesn't mean they're "ugly". You can be beautiful with the natural aesthetic which our Creator has provided us with.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE your blog and your beauty tips, however it seems a but superficial calling when the word "ugly" is tossed around ever so often. Jummah Mubarak

  11. I agree arab women spend alot of time making themselves pretty and thier husbands still cheat on them..they are So obssesd with outer beauty,..if u are content as a Person u Will not focus Be enslaved to all This..,theres more to life than having a pretty face

  12. Great article but not so much of a real basis, it would be nice if articles are fully researched before published.. more like living in a bumbly/dreamy/fairy tales world for most of Saudi women. Not so much living in an Islamic lifestyle :(

  13. Men area unit taking additional care of their appearance currently as they realise a decent program to stay the face trying healthy and young trying is crucial , for more information click here hammam.

  14. hi i am james from uganda.
    i like arab women a lot. most beautiful women:

  15. I am arabic woman single and the only reason about take care on myself is i like to see my self as a beautiful woman not because of husband also we deserve good brands of makeup

  16. Hye, I'm new to your blog. I'm from Malaysia. I'm DYING to know what is the typical food that the arabs consume everyday? Arabic women have the most flawless skin. Maybe if you can share, I can practice the same diet to achieve that beautiful skin too! xoxo


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