How To Look Good Naturally

I hate wearing makeup all day, everyday. Admit it, all of us want to wake up looking beautiful like a dream. There is just something about looking naturally beautiful. So, here are some really helpful tried and tested tips to look glowing and beautiful naturally.

  • Water and Multi-vitamins- Beauty does come from the inside. Drink as much water as possible throughout the day. I know everyone says this but this truly does magic for your skin. Multi-vitamins are necessary since our diet doesn't always provide us with all the nutrients we need. Bad diet really affects the skin. So, more water and fruits and veggies or multi-vitamins will definitely give your skin a glow from the inside. 
  • A Good Moisturizer- This is not makeup, it's a necessary necessity (lol). Find out a good moisturizer for your skin. If you have uneven skin or acne find something that will help your skin condition. I use Olay and it did brighten my skin tone and lighten the dark spots so I don't need to wear foundation anymore. You can read more about it here Olay Review. You can also use a illuminating moisturizer for extra glow. If you have really visible scars/acne you could use a tinted moisturizer for some coverage.
  • Face-framing Hairstyle- A nice hair-cut that frames your face beautifully will change your whole look. If you have thin hair, get some layers cut into your hair to add some volume. And then find everyday hairstyles that suit your face and just rock it. I personally love big, messy hair with no makeup.
  • Eyebrows- If you have stray or joined or beastly eyebrows, get them bleached in a parlor or do it at home to get a cleaner more groomed look. Believe me eyebrows change the whole face. Overly thin eyebrows would not look natural, just go for the natural shape of your brows. If you need tips on bleaching eyebrows check this post here Eyebrow Bleaching.
  • Eyelashes- Laying off the mascara would do your lashes some good. Make your eyes look wide by curling your eyelashes with a eyelash curler. Eyelash curler makes a huge difference! Just curl them and apply some castor oil or vaseline to them using an old mascara wand (make sure it's washed). If you want naturally longer lashes check this post here Longer Eyelashes With Castor Oil
  • Lip-Balm- Again, this is a necessary necessity. Nobody likes chapped, dry lips. If you have really dark lips or very pale lips, you can opt for a natural pink/peach/slightly red tinted lip balm. The balm will protect and the pink tint will add color. Tinted lip balms are available in all pharmacies everywhere. Labello has some really cheap and widely available lip balms. I like The Body Shop's lip balms/butters. So moisturizing!
  • Body Moisture- Hey! The rest of the body needs some love too. Vaseline Cocoa Glow is amazing at keeping the body moisturized and glowing. If you are lazy like me and can't do this everyday, read my formula to keep your body moisturized for dayssss. Click here -Deep Moisturize Your Body.
  • No Upper-lip Hair Please!- Needless to say there is no 'beauty' with a mustache. Get it waxed, threaded or bleached.  Read how strongly I feel about the Female Mustache!
  • Smell Good- Use a body mist or a fresh smelling perfume. Smell good, feel good.
Exfoliating your skin atleast twice weekly will help in removing the dead skin and revealing clear skin. You can make a simple sugar and olive oil scrub to exfoliate your skin. Just mix some sugar with olive oil and rub it on your face and lips too with slow circular movements and rinse off. This scrub will get rid of all the dirt accumulated in the pores, giving your skin a fresh glow.

At the end of the day nobody is perfect. We all have imperfections. It's all about how we embrace them and still stay happy and positive. :) <3

If you have any tips that were not mentioned above, feel free to share them below. :D

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