Child Abuse/Molestation By Maulvis Or Teachers Of Quran

I am absolutely disgusted, mortified and repelled writing this post. These are Maulvis (teachers) in the face of shaitan. I beg all parents, elder siblings to take care of their young children, keep and eye on them when they go for reading and learning Quran.

I personally know alot of cases were girls and boys are abused by their Quran Teachers. Children often keep silent about abuse, they let the abuse go on because they just can't go and talk about it with their parents.

''Child abuse is a severely traumatic experience as is, but when the abuser happens to be a person believed to be teaching faith and religion, the trauma accrued is exponential.''

I can understand perverts doing their pervert acts normally, but what I cannot understand is how can a teacher do it while teaching Quran? Didn't his heart fear Allah? I feel so angry I can barely type without bashing my keyboard.

Please do not send your girls to read Quran with a male teacher. Please, no matter how young the girls are. Have them learn Quran at home or with a female teacher/friend/relative. If your boy learns Quran with a male teacher, have them sit were you can keep an eye on them.

This is recent incident that happened in Riyadh, Hara.

Child Abuse by Maulvi in HARA
On Wednesday, 06th Feb 2013, We came across an incident in HARA. One of my friends son a 10 yr old was molested by a maulvi. The little boy came out of the drawing room crying for a long time, full of fear and shame.  By the time the boy explained about the incident the happened with him, the maulvi was long gone. While teaching Quraan this maulvi hits and scolds the boy for unnecessary reasons and then he tried to put the hand of the kid on his private parts and pressurize the kid to do shameless acts. However the brave boy released himself from the maulvi but was under fear and psychological disturbance.
We took immediate action and were lucky to trap this maulvi by going to the other family's home where the same maulvi is suppose to visit after maghrib prayer to teach their kids.
Finally this blatant maulvi came and greeted, we caught him and interrogated him about incident. He confessed to the sexual abuse and fell on the feets of the victims father asking forgiveness. During interrogation, We were able to take his photo, video & scanned his Iqama by mobile. Unfortunately, before we could take serious action against him, he escaped.
This same maulvi was teaching children in several other families and most of them stopped him because of his obnoxious behavior. After this incident everyone came up saying that they were all suspicious about this maulvi as he was mischievous, touching, abusing by lifting his thope  or tying knot of his pajama etc in front of their boys and girls.
I have attached his iqama & photo for your awareness and action against him. In the meanwhile I will do my best to teach him good lesson and make sure he is kicked out of Saudi Arabia inshallah.
Maulvi Details:
Name: Nasir Mahmood Khan (Iqama Name: Nasir Deshmukh)
Iqama#: 2127842843
Working as: Sales Executive
Company: FEDEX – Branch Sitteen, Head office: Dabbab
Part time: Maulvi teaching quraan.
Basically from: Mumbai, Maharashtra-India
Mobile: 0540493143

 Please don’t let such perverts enter your home; they are a threat to your kids and your families. Don't trust strange men no matter how pious they 'appear' to be. If your kid goes to learn Quran, please PLEASE make sure there is no abuse going on. If you insist on having a male teacher teach your children then be there and sit with them till they finish. 

If you are a parent or a older brother/sister, don't give away your trust easily. These are innocent children, it is your responsibility to takecare of them in this perverted world. They look up to you for protection. 

Talk to your younger siblings or children. Ask them if they are comfortable going learning Quran with this teacher. Ask them if he does anything inappropriate. Be kind, gentle and friendly and they will tell you.


And if by chance a pervert Maulwi is reading this, I am writing a special message for you. 
''Allah never exposes a thief on his first theft, He gives the thief a chance to CHANGE and REPENT. But, when the thief goes on committing thefts and feels no guilt or remorse. One fine day Allah exposes him, he gets caught and he is ruined.
I pray that Allah never forgives you. Because, you are supposed to be teaching innocent children HIS Kalam, His Quran. And, what are you doing you *******?  I pray that you burn in a very very special place in HELL. No victim will ever forgive you. You are the worst of criminals because you were actually supposed to be the best of men.''

Sorry about the grammar or language errors. I am raging, I can't think straight right now. 
Takecare of your little ones.


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