Update: My Belly Burning Workout

If you read my previous post Burn That Belly Fat On The Treadmill, this is a high intensity workout which mainly targets tummy fat. I am absolutely loving it. It really is working my stomach. I have been doing this for like 2-3 weeks now, there is a huge difference.

I weight 55 kg's right now. I do this workout 3 times a week. I am not aiming to lose weight, just to maintain it along with toning my body. The best thing about cardio workout's is that it burns fat and also increases your metabolism. Running is a great cardio workout.

I'm not a big fan of other workout's as I'm always confused if I'm doing it right or not. This treadmill workout is great for me, it's simple. It's working my legs, my stomach, my back, everything all at once. So if you are like me then this is perfect for you. 

If you are also aiming for a flatter stomach, do this workout along with cutting some extra calories. Like, if you eat chocolates regularly. Skip em! You don't need to make big changes in your diet, only skip the sugary stuff for some time. It will make a huge change. Believe me!

Skip sodas, anything with carbonated gas in it because it will just bloat your stomach. You can eat your regular meals. The only change you have to make in your diet is to stop eating  and drinking chocolates, icecreams, sodas, desserts all that kind off sweet stuff. And the best way to do that is to stop buying them.

If you don't have these things at home you won't be able to eat them. So next time you go shopping just resist the temptation to buy these things. It takes a while to get over sweets addiction. So don't worry if you slip once in a while. You will see great improvement in about 2-3 weeks. 

And yes, drink green tea like 2-3 times a day. It's amazing for weight loss. Substitute all your coffee's and tea's or whatever with green tea. It's very healthy and has alot of other benefits as well. For more on green tea check out my post Green Tea For Weight Loss My Experience

As far as my diet is concerned. I'm not on any special diet or anything. I eat my regular food and I sometimes (well, alot of times) splurge on forbidden stuff. But, I'm getting over my bad eating habits and towards a healthier body with this workout and few changes in my diet.

Obviously, I'm not a professional but this is what works for me (and alot of other people), so if you do try this and have any questions please feel free to ask. 
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