Transform Your Hair With Coffee

Treat for all the coffee lovers out there. This is a super easy hair treatment I found out about recently that adds shine and reduces frizz leaving your locks glossy and beautiful.

Caffeine in the coffee helps in better blood circulation leading to less hair fall and more hair growth! It smells yumm too! Additionaly, it also brings out the red or brown highlights in dark hair, it's like a natural dye.

Just brew a cup of coffee (not instant coffee) like your going to drink it and then apply it through your hair from roots to tips. Put on a shower cap/plastic bag (not a towel! as towel will soak all that coffee) After 30 mins or so, wash and condition your hair as you would normally.

NOTE: If you have light colored hair, DO NOT try this, coffee will affect your hair color. My hair color is dark and so I had no problems. I would only recommend this for people with dark hair.

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