Looking For Trendy But Affordable Places To Shop In Riyadh?

For awhile now I have been thinking of compiling a list of affordable places to shop from in Riyadh and finally got down to writing a post.

These places have good quality and trendy clothes at affordable prices. Sure, there is Tahlia with a number of brands from Zara to Giordano to shop from. But, when on a budget the following places are great!

  1. Al-Haram - is located behind Shola. Haram has 2-3 branches in Riyadh (I think). Any taxi driver will know this place.
  2. Mubarak - is a little mall kind off, located beside Bushra Ladies Mall. I love this place! The shoes here!! They are cute and comfy and the price is mind-blowing. I  must have purchased atleast 20 shoes from here. A part of first floor is kind-off pricey but the ground floor has all the budget buys. Also, be sure to check out the girls section on the first floor and ofcourse SHOES! From high-heeled pumps to boots to flats. Everything.
  3. Majid Souk - Now this is a big market with many different shops. Here, you can find arabian style gowns and other fashionable shirts and dresses for females, babies/children's clothes, many other items, at a bargaining price.
  4. Dheera Souk - is also a very popular market. You can absolutely find anything from abayas to latest fashion wear here. 
I am not very good at maps and directions. So if you have trouble finding these places let me know, I will try to provide more info on the location. I will update this post with more places soon. If you do know of other such places do let me know! :)

Till then Happy Shopping!


  1. Hi there I was just wondering where I can get simple affordable elegant straight fit abayas in Jeddah

    1. Hi, in Jeddah you can get Abayas from a number of Souks (Markets). I usually buy my abayas from Sharq also knows as Macrona. But, you can get abayas from Mahmood Saeed as well.

  2. I live in London, its hard to get good quality abayas here. the material they sell here is so not nice

  3. Salam sister, i love reading your blog. Very informative yet warm in tone.
    I have big curiousity about arabic or mediteranean beauty treatment. Lately there are big fuss about argan oil. Is this oil really like what people talking about? And where we could get it in Makkah or Madinah, because my sister will travel to Makkah this hajj season. And also, i love to know what local brand women in arab use for hair and skin. Salam

  4. By the way i am Nina from Indonesia

  5. Hey loved your blog. its very informative. I am new jeddah so it will be great help if you can write about the trendy but affordable places to shop in jeddah too.

  6. Add Alwan Mall aka Najd market in Ghubairah area to that. No brands but clothing, abayas, gift shops, shoes, nags, jewelary, household items, kitchen ware, bathroom accessories, tailors available.


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