Female Mustache!?!?!

This topic is not embarrassing for me anymore. Cause, let's just face it we all have hair. About 40% of all women grow natural facial hair at some point in their life. Yes, it's absolutely natural and blah-blah. But this is not about feminism. This is just about that ugly fuzz that grows right above the upper lip.

Illustration: Tim O'Brien

It is unattractive. It is unsightly. Beastly almost. I mean there are only few things that separate a woman from looking like a man. Women aren't supposed to have beards and sport mustaches. I am always shocked at how some girls just don't care about the mane growing right on their mouth!

If a girl has the hitler mustache, it distracts me from her pretty face. I'm sorry but I can't stop looking at it, and I just keep thinking about different ways to yank that bush right off her face. Cause, her face would be so much more pretty without it.

Sometimes, I'm talking to a girl and I just cannot stop staring at the jungle she's got going on her face. I mean it's fascinating (is that weird?). While talking I would get lost in the jungle in thought. If I had that going on on my face, I would not take my Niqab (head and nose cover) off ever! Not even at home! 

It's not pretty. If you are old enough to get those off, then get em' off! No, don't wait till your married or till you meet the perfect guy. Do it now if you can! Because, chances are he will be repelled. Don't do it for some guy, do it for yourself. Groom yourself. 

This is not about pursuing the beauty industry, or chasing the media's perfect image of beauty. It's just about taking care of your appearance. I agree beauty on the inside is more important that on the outside. But, when you can take just a little effort and look more groomed, why shouldn't you? 

I know it is tedious sometimes to do all the grooming while men can just let it all grow out. Some strong feminist women around the world are growing all their body and facial hair, proving that they don't care what others think. Well, I don't get it. They look more like anti-feminists to me.

Shouldn't 'looking' feminine be part of the whole feminist thing? I don't get them. Anyways, there are alot of causes for facial hair, including hormonal. It's completely normal, nothing to feel bad about. As it can be taken care of pretty easily. There are alot of options, waxing, tweezing/plucking, bleaching etc.

As for you guys who bully and make fun of us because we have hair, you know what? Suck it you fuzzy gorillas! 

A quote I stand by-
                 ''There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.''

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