Does OLAY really work?

I don't like promoting products unless they are actually good. So OLAY is one of the products I really love. I keep switching and experimenting with my skin care products. This range of OLAY is really inexpensive and does wonders for your skin

My last moisturizer was Ponds Re-Brightening night cream. I usually love Ponds products but I didn't really like this moisturizer. It just didn't do anything for me. It was not thick and moisturizing. I didn't notice any 're-brightening' even after a month of using it.

So I switched to the OLAY range for moisturizers. For the past month I have been using the OLAY natural white Healthy Fairness Day Cream and OLAY natural white Night Cream.

About my skin, my skin is fair but uneven with dark spots below the lower lip and under eyes, pink spots around the nose. So I have to wear foundation to cover my uneven skin tone. And I hate to wear foundation.

After using OLAY for a month, I am happy to say that I don't need to wear foundation anymore! My skin is even toned, all my tan is gone. There are no noticeable dark spots on my face anymore. OLAY did absolutely give me a fairer and even skin tone.

The Day cream has SPF 24 so if your working or going to school it's a great product for you. It's very moisturizing and will also prevent you from getting tanned. The night cream is also great. I love how my skin looks in the morning!

This is a must try product if your looking for brightening/whitening creams!
Price- Olay Natural White Day Cream 19-22 SR
Olay Natural White Night Cream 19-22 SR

Like I said in the beginning any products I talk about in my blog are products that actually work. The reason I write about them is only to benefit my readers.

Ciao, until next time! :)
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