My First Try At Applying Henna And Some Simple and Easy Henna Designs!

I am suddenly obsessed with henna. I love love the arabic henna designs. So instead of heading to the Parlor or finding henna girls I decided to give it a try myself. It's not so hard believe me, it's just like drawing but with a more steady hand.

I love it <3

The henna while it was wet.
All you need is to do is just dive in and try! True, you might mess up your hands or feet trying the first time but it's not like it's permanent. Scrub it off with soap if you don't like it. It's fun definitely worth trying. This was kind off like my second try at henna so don't judge. LOL

In school I knew alot of girls who were very talented at henna designing. But, unfortunately I'm one of those inartistic ones. So this according to my standards was good. :P

The packaging

The Henna tubes I bought, the two big ones are for 5 SR and the small nail henna for 3 SR.

Each of the tubes have a nozzle for easy and direct application.

I used these henna cones I bought from a 2 riyal shop (KSA residents will know these shops). These were a great help. Easy to use and mess free. And the best part is they leave this AMAZING dark burgundy color after washing. I loved it.

Here are some Youtube Henna design videos that I loved.

There are many more Youtube videos on Henna designing which will be very helpful so do watch them before you get started.

Oh! And these are some of my future henna tatoo ideas. I am dying to do the bow henna tatoo on one of my ankles, it looks so cute!!! Tell me what you girls think!! 

Random pics from google :P


  1. I really like the design you made on your feets, it's really beautfiul, I also love hennah, I should but it and try to do it by myself!

  2. Wow lovely designs. are this arabic mehndi designs? i love arabic mehndi design. Can you show tutorial on how to do this patterns on legs. Something like this would be helpful

  3. I love it! ALso does anyone know If you can get Henna cones from Tamimi?


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