My Crazy Business Ideas

In this post I'm going to share my crazy business ideas. Ideas that take birth in my head in the middle of the night and vanish during the day. I don't know why everything seems possible to me in the night, while during the day those same ideas/thoughts look incredibly stupid and absurd.

Like they say 'One can resist the invasion of an army but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.'

So it happens that I get so invested in those ideas that I plan and think about it till dawn and then I sleep and forget. These were my small business ideas which well, remained ideas.

  1. Dress Making Business - and I actually mean the complete dress making. I used to watch tutorials on Youtube and make strange dresses. I used to buy the fabric and do all the designing, cutting and stitching. Sometimes the dresses turned out real good, other times they made me wonder WHY????? So much hard work and in the end the dress wouldn't even go down my shoulders. All that wasn't worth it for me. And this led me to another idea.
  2. Clothes Boutique Business - this idea was purely genius for me because I love shopping. I decided to do some shopping from all the amazing secret places I know that sell beautiful dresses at affordable prices. And then re-sell these expensive looking but cheap priced clothing at a profitable price at my boutique (which is my home). Is this kind of business illegal? It felt illegal so I dropped it.
  3. Cupcake Business Mania - I wanted to make magically deliciously cupcakes. So I started baking ALOT (using Betty Crocker). And then when I realized nobody was actually eating them poor cupcakes of mine (well they weren't mine they were Betty Crockers), I stopped and moved on. But, I never let this dream of mine go. Maybe someday.
  4. Personalized Accessories Business - Like Angry Birds and bow pillows, and personalized coffee mugs, gifts and other stuff. I dropped this idea because well, nobody wanted them. :| 
  5.  Salon Services Business - This is one of craziest ideas I have ever had. I first got this idea when my sister bought this amazing tool called Crea Clip for cutting hair. I got so excited seeing how easy and amazing the tool was for haircuts. But, I obviously dropped this idea too. As I have no expertise whatsoever in any kind of salon service. Also I just can't see myself waxing other people's underarms. I.just.can't. 
Now I'm going to go and  bake some chocolate cupcakes.
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