Sorry Wrong Number You Creep!

This is another rant about wrong calls i.e getting calls from random pervs who don't know you but still 'love' you. How does this start? Some random person calls you and you obviously answer (why the heck not? It's your phone). So after a long one minute of you shouting Hello Helllooo HELLLOOOO some guy answers 'Hello?' followed by random questions 'Who are you?' or 'How are you?' or sometimes even 'I love you'. You stupid creep how can you call someone and ask them who are you?So when such a call comes you are left dumb struck so you will probably just cut off the phone.

But, no this pervert will not give up. He will call you and keep calling you until you will want to beat the crap out of your phone. So what is up with these people? Are they some kind of mental patients? Don't they have a life or a wife? (ok you got me! I said wife because it rhymes with life). Or friends or family?

I mean how can you explain this physcotic behaviour? I am sure alot of people especially women in Saudi Arabia get alot of these strange calls. The caller just calls random numbers or sometimes numbers taken from somewhere and tries to get lucky on the phone. Heights of desperateness. Girls beware! These callers are crazy and mentally unstable pedophiles. Because, no 'normal' human would do this. I mean most of the times the caller he doesn't even know the name of the woman he is calling let alone her face.

Doesn't he wonder the woman he is calling might be the age of his mother! I mean he doesn't know anything about her!! And yet Mr. Phone Romeo here confesses his undying love for her. You have got to be kidding me!

What made me write this post is a recent incident. I was getting calls from a number. We are talking about 50 calls a day! Not exaggerating. I used to pick the phone to answer and baam shut! It was more of missed calls. I pick slam baam he cuts. This strange little game went on for a week on and off. I ignored it.

I know this was a boy calling because once I picked up and he didn't cut off. He thought he must have cut off, so I kept listening and heard all kinds of indian noises from behind. Like a small girl calling 'bhaiya bhaiya' (brother brother) and then he talked in hindi to someone around him. Obviously you can tell the voice of a adolescent from a man. I could hear his family around! This dude was randomly sitting and making calls, and doesn't even have the guts to talk!

I ofcourse tried calling this guy from different different numbers but he never answered any of them. None. So that means he kept that sim card only to call and trouble people. I wonder what sort of pleasure this 'to be' perv was getting out of making such calls. So this went on for some days with me ignoring it.

This person started calling me in the mornings and I am not a morning person you creep! Nobody messes with me in the morning, I am a angry sleeper. So I grabbed my phone and called Mobily, this woman with a lousy voice picked up and I told her my story. I told her I wanted to know who the caller is. Obviously she said she can't provide me with that information. She said I could sign up for this call blocker service where I pay 20Sr every month to block calls from 10 choosen numbers.

I didn't have patience for all this and so I said thanks but no thanks. I then used this application 'True Caller' on my Android phone to find out who the caller is. This application only includes registered numbers. Obviously this was a unregistered number. I then downloaded another app to block calls and that was it.

There was another incident that happened a year ago. I remember because it was kind of funny. I was meeting my friends for a get together. And there was this another caller. He had a voice, he talked. So he used to speak all kinds of desperate rubbish like 'I want to meet you' 'I love you' this guy also had friends with him and he had a arab accent. He spoke part Arabic part English.

Fedup I gave the phone to my friend who speaked some arabic. In a minute she started shouting 'Astagfirulllaahhhhhh' 'La haula walaqu wata' 'Aoozubillaaaa' and then frustrated she gave the phone back to me and in the end I shouted 'Inna lilla hi wa ina ilahi rajion' and he cuts off. Never called back.

Some tips to dealing with phone harassment.

Talk in a hoarse voice. Do not talk like poor little frail thing. Talk in the grossest way you can.

Better yet let them talk to a man with a hoarser voice and who has good vocabulary of vulgarities/insults.

Download a application for blocking calls on your phone.

If your phone doesn't support that call your service provider to block it for you.

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  1. Salam.... I am a blogger from Jeddah. This post is so me! I just got my newly registered sim and I haven't spread my number, just to the family. I was getting such calls from a moron, starts with 'hey sweety!, your voice is so lovely... ',,, blah blah... I gave my phone to my brother for a day, he picked all his calls and insulted him with great honour.... You are right when you say to recieve an unknown call with a harsh tone... that works!


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