How To- Easy Voluminous Heat-less Curls

So girls here's another for you. I am not big on heating and burning my hair everyday. I love styling my hair without using heat. So this is one of the best techniques I have found on curling without using curling irons.

Flexi Rods
These are basically just flexible rods that you can twist your hair in. I have been using these to curl my hair for awhile now and they always give me a full head of soft beautiful curls. I absolutely love it! I am never curling using a curling iron again. Once you learn how to use flexi rods, you will finish off doing your full head in like 5-10 mins.  The results are absolutely gorgeous.

My  Flexi Rods

My curls looked something like that <3

These are available EVERYWHERE. You can find these in Al Hazazi shop in Riyadh, and in Jeddah these are available in Sharq/Macrona. But, you can get it anywhere. Any shop that sells beauty supplies and even some pharmacies have it. These are so cheap!!! I bought the red rods for 10 SR and the smaller blue ones for 6 SR.

The first time I tried I just couldn't get it right, so I got frustrated and gave up. Then I went and looked it up on Youtube and there I found all answerss!! So remember at first you will have to be patient, slowly you will get the hang of it.

You can either leave them on over night, but I only had to leave them on for like 30 mins sometimes even less. I curl my hair every other day using these without the guilt and fear of damaging my hair.

Check out these links to learn how to use Flexi Rods.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

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